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on the way to winter...

... a brisk wind kicked up this weekend. I wondered if I could share the light reflections with you, as the wind churned up the canal and changed directions and made patterns like diamonds dancing:

I don't know how light-reflections atop water can dance in little circles, but they were....

The light followed the ripples made by the wind...


Then the bank of the canal on the other side cut off the streetlight along its edge:


And with a filter, it looked like little grains of wheat getting tossed around, almost like that phrase "there's a strong wind blowing the stars around" from a popular love song where there's another phrase 'I'd really like to see you tonight...'..bad with titles atm :)


There's some kind of jazzy light show going on right now, out the window across the street at St. Jacob's church: pretty garish, fuschia and electric-blue lavender diamonds lighting along the front walk, and hot golden amber washing up the front facade, with green laser lights drawing the cornices. They're getting a lot of mileage out of a building that opens for worship 1.5 hours per week, on a Wednesday only.

Maybe it's Spinoza's ghost haunting his way along?

I'd rather have water. And I could stand some ice on it, too... not nearly so much dancing light, though.


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