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UNOX if you are brave enough

Actually if you have been brave enough, right afterwards you want *more* than UNOX, you also want a steaming hot bath with perfumed bubbles and an FWB to nuzzle you and to melt the icicles out of your hair.

UNOX is this Dutch soup company. In a great spasm of advertising inspiration, they sell you a ticket for one euro [one dollar thirty-cents American] and give you an orange hat and orange gloves and invite you to plunge yourself into the North Sea in the middle of New Year's Day.

[But they only have enough soup for ten thousand bravehearts and there are always more, so the overload gets to go be polar bears from wherever they are that is not Unox's beach, and they do, and the police go more nuts.]

If you come back out and can taste anything, AND have bought your ticket to ride, they give you this big bowl of thick steaming hot Dutch pea soup with sausage slices in it, hoping you will buy their soup all the rest of the year and get yourself all psyched up to do this again in 2010.

If you come back out and *can't* taste anything, they roll you up in a blanket first.

If you do *not* come back out, that's what the Politie Booten [Police Boats] are for, and the EMS trucks and the oxygen tanks and helicopters.

This is an unstaged photo from last year:

"The Water is Pleasant Once Again!"

Surrrrrre it is.

I think Rachel's couples were having much more fun: but these guys are younger and Rachel's are drafted into the Israeli infantry and besides, they're in the desert. De Dutch Don't Draft [I guess].

The paste behind their poster froze before it dried, they put it up downtown when it was -7 degrees or so [+19.4 degrees where Mia lives.] That is why their chests are somewhat wrinkled. I guess?

I think it's the perfect example of frozen misery loves frozen company?

If you look closely beyond the hat of Miss Plaid Bikini, you will see a lady without a hat. Without gloves, too. Without a bathing suit, too. Maybe she gets more soup that way?

Don't try this at home.

A couple of days ago, the low temps scared the cops so they said Not This Year [in six languages]. Then it went up to +2 [35.6 degrees F] and the UNOX folks got all lathered up and went into PROTEST mode, so they said okay.

One of my roommates is from Buenos Aires where it is summer and 40 degrees on *his* coast [104 degrees USA], so he went out to the UNOX folks. His pictures show nobody in the water at all and everybody wearing BIG FUR COATS and windbreakers and orange hats and orange gloves. And hugging one another eagerly or urgently or with necessity, maybe all three. [Don't the Dutch know about wind chill factors?]

Me, I took my virtual bubble bath instead...

I get all shivery just typing about all this --- there had been different colors, so here are some red fireworks [certainly hot at their centers.] This is the start of the burst:

And as it develops:

I love this place.

Even though there were these big waves of gunpowder smoke blowing across the city skyline for much of the night, starting about nine-thirty.

Especially I love this place because I did not fall out my window and I had a hot radiator next to me instead of frozen bikini grrls. Maybe next year I will go for the soup.


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