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It sounded like D-Day

....and it went on and on, something like 4.5 hours. Midnight was unbelieveable.

So was the debris in the streets the next day: little bits of red paper in huge mounds, hundreds of cardboard tubes which had been the rocket launchers, magenta and plum and fuchsia and golden yellow parachutes underneath which the flying bombs had exploded... and some unexploded ones apparently still lying in the street. The City cleanup workers used brooms with VERY lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng handles.

I was hanging out of my third-floor window with my tripod balanced mostly in the air, freezing my fingers, leaning out WAY too far and thinking 'if I fall down into the canal it will be quite the way to start my first Nieuwe Jaar in Europe, as a headline and a white tag on my toe'.

But you know how creative dudes are when the Muse grabs them? You only think of stuff like that later.

This one exploded just beyond the tree:

And I really like this one, there are two rocket trails, one at the bottom and another just beginning to explode in the middle. This reminds me of some of the starlike lights in the trees in the shopping area I took just before Christmas:

And this dual one:

This next burst completely lighted up my room and was LOUD as it was beautiful. I almost fell off the sill [but remembered to try falling backward *into* the room haha]:

From the street fragments the next day I saw things like "Fast Flying Flaming Tail" printed on the tubes and I had never heard that phrase used uhm... well in this context ;) Part of Brad's Dutch education, of course :)

They told me later that this year's artillery was somewhat cut back because of the Wereld KredietKrises, but I think they were kidding. Lots of private people just went nuts [by US standards], even up and down my little quiet narrow street, shooting off this stuff. Nobody told THEM about the World Credit Crisis! I mean, these were your BIG cherry bombs shaking the 1650 shingled roofs!

After all, the Queen lives here --- here and there, actually, in a number of palaces --- so she does what she wants. So everybody does, too? Yes. No doubt she was drinking French Champagne instead of lighting off her Koninglijk Verwuurken. There were Royal Fireworks enough to go around, all over the place.

Or Her Highness was hiding under the Royal Bed. Smarter than me, probably!


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