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the eve before the Eve

The sixth of January is Twelfth Night, marking the end of the Dutch celebrations, but City Hall didn't wait. As soon as the Cossacks were done three hours ago, the crew took down the creche, the trees, the lights, the chairs, the stars, decorations, the whole kit and caboodle. My, my.

And only the same two lamps were lighted on the Menorah [which they did NOT take down], but if they are only gonna come every other night to light two more lamps, that kinda destroys the meaning of the tradition, yes?

Now the Russians were something else. Only two dozen men and three instrumentalists, but they really managed to fill up the space: an achievement because you're in the bottom of a twelve-story BIG WIDE building and much of the sound goes right upwards to join the stars. Here are two POV's:

I've never really seen a stringed instrument as large as one of them was playing, is it some kind of bouzouki or sitar on steroids? Anyway, she had to stand up to do it:

Bottom line, it's all about the kids: I tried a telephoto without flash and it's kinda dark but I caught the point for her little brother:

And for the encore, the conductor came out into the audience and led "Silent Night" in Dutch. I got to hum a few words in English. I think the Russian choir sang Russian [at least for one of the verses.] The family on the floor had been active all night, the girl swinging her elbows around and dancing in place, and her bigger brother flopping on the floor:

So they can take down all the trees and mike stands and barnyard fences they want to, and lights, they're gone now. There are plenty outside my window here and in my camera. And I think the lights in the eyes of the kids and of their parents and grandparents give us a lesson in themselves.

Carry your own light inside you and keep it safe. In this season, in all seasons.

Blessings Be.


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Dec. 25th, 2008 11:48 am (UTC)
what an experience you are having... thank you for sharing it with us all. i'm really enjoying your photographs and chronicles.
wishing you all good things this Yule (and always)! and thank you for the "light" reminder. even as the sun returns for us this time of year, it's easy for me to lose my own tiny fire. <3
Dec. 27th, 2008 01:55 pm (UTC)
thanks, Empress, same wishes go over to you...

I hope it's always growing to become easy to find your own tiny fire back again, too... you are always welcome to share any you choose to and need to from mine, seems like that's the main reason I keep my journal anyway <3
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