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chanoeka daylight

Well, there are three lamps lighted this morning, so yester-evening must have been the second day of the ceremonies. The stage and mikes and chairs and readers are all gone [wonder if they will come back this eve?]. This is a telephoto shot from the second floor balcony:

And a closeup from the floor; they still haven't gotten the red-backlighted dreidel to work. Wonder what the significance of the colors is, if there is any?

Right outside the ExPat office is a signpost and I'm impressed that the way to Bethlehem and Nazareth points right through the office and over the counter where I usually talk with Martijn:

I imagine that right now there are throngs of tourists / pilgrims going through the army checkpoints into Bethlehem toward the Church of the Nativity. Even in Ramadan and Rosh Hashanah, there were hundreds of people in line to get to the altars: Salam knew just how to get us in there when she literally led me through a hole in the wall of the Church. She had commented on how green the grass was and how well-kept the trees were around the cathedral [which is HUGE], compared with the dirt reserved for Palestinian kids to grow up in and play in --- but I saw [and visited, actually] plenty of dirt playground area on the Israeli side of the Separation Walls as well...

In today's paper there was a photo of three "Wijs Maan" riding camels in "Paloestijn" to get there also. Anyway, Den Haag City Hall puts me a lot closer than Boston. This is the Royal Camel's last performance day downstairs and she looks as serene as ever. The little goats are as irrepressible as the kids.

Also, winding up nine days of public concerts at 3 downstairs today is something called The Dutch Choir Of The Don Cossacks -- "DonKozakkenkoor Nederland" -- doubt if they will serve up vodka in the hot choc but I'll get a couple of shots anyway [pics, that is lol] ... and when the Cossacks wind up at 4:15, it will be dark so maybe they'll light the third Menorah lamp?


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