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chanoeka same'ach

The sun came out yesterday for the first time as it was setting: I really appreciate now why Mari is sad when the sun does not shine there, either: it's been miserly of its presence here too and it *does* make a huge difference when it shows up. It happened that I was IM with Kala at just the same time, but I grabbed my cam and wedged myself into a space half as big as I was, between the pillar and the heater on this libe floor -- and I poked right up to the window. It was darker than this and after I get it postprocessed all the colors will be truer; if you can tilt your screen you'll get the effect. The deep blue in the lights across the shopping walkway is great too:

Then, outside the ExPat office today [where I hang a lot], a small stage had been put up for a celebration for the first evening of Chanukkah [so now I know how to spell it in Dutch.] The "order of worship" had verses printed on it in Hebrew and Dutch, so I was clueless, since I read neither. It looked to be a closed service if you were not Jewish, so I got some pics beforehand:

This Menorah reaches up to the second floor and has really interesting architecture, it reminded me a bit of Yad Vashem, stylized leaves reaching up to the nine lamps. This is the base with lighted Hebrew symbols on each dreidel [except they were still working on the light inside the red one]:

And since I love rehearsals, it's where all the great stuff happens: apparently readings from the Torah are going to be given by a cast of four or five worshippers, the director kept calling to these three to speak directly out at her with more volume [although there was a mike there in front of them]:

And another; all their voices got stronger as the rehearsal went on:

I always have this inbred impulse to take my cap off when I am in or near a holy place, and in Judaism you are supposed to do just the opposite if you are male. This time I remembered :)

Besides, it was cold.

Quite near the Plaza doors; it's why the readers have coats, boots, and sweaters. Me too.

There is a site called 'joodsdenhaag.nl' which is, I guess, a posting board and news blog for the community here in the City. I hope the Menorah gets left up all during the next days of Chanoeka, I love watching the candles multiply in their light and I love remembering the story of the miracle behind it.


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