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reflections and direct joy

When I was playing in Denver with Meow there, she taught me about reflections [she still is.] So I look for them, or they for me, and this was St. Jacob's Church yesterday, looking toward the Philips theatre:

The reflected and delightfully distorted image of the church is on the mirrored wall of the lobby, which contains posters for nieuwe attractions; those red diagonals interlace the face of the higher wall of the theatre building behind it; and the actual sunset is also lighting up the columns in the upper left side of the pic, that's part of the City Hall.

Then today there had been cast changes in the Holy Family: a Palestinian-looking or Arabic-looking Shepherd and King, which is great. Miss Camel is a hard act to follow [and probably there is only one whose agent got her the touring contract, besides Silver would be hard-pressed to tell one of them from a new one.] This shows why it's fun for adults too, I was charmed that mom also had a Canon Digital Rebel [lots of Nikons and Olympuses around...]

I think this is the cutest I've seen yet. Creche cast were keeping on handing out pomegranates, the girl stuffed one in her parka pocket, then went up high to reach the camel's nose as the cam went low to sniff toward the pocket:

Kala, are camel sniffers that good?

More along the peanut gallery line. They are just so delighted with making friends and staring at each other, it's contagious. Whole families show up...

And for once all these kids stood still while the shepherd was the one moving: he moved his cloak as he was getting more poms to hand out. Again, lots of solemnity because it is one thing for a kidlet to encounter a strangely-costumed shepherd and another to encounter a familiarly-furry animal. Time and again they will go for the animals! The littlest one in the red parka knelt down on the ground and put her hand through the fence, her mom went nuts and grabbed for her camera and got right into my line of vision, so she got the shot and I couldn't :( ...then she quickly snatched Parka out of the way, figuring there might be some animal confusion about where the pom ended and the girl started:

So goes my biblical morning.

You may be getting bored with all this, there is lots more to this place beyond oranges and wise men and outdoor lights, maybe I will celebrate NieuwJaarsDag at the North Sea having seagulls dive at my bread. Maartje is one of the clerks on staff and she is telling me big stories about what happens on first January, when the US equivalent of the Polar Bear Club takes a ten-second dip in the Sea. Nude or almost.

Which she is going to do right with the rest of them. Then she wraps up again in heavy alpaca [or something], gets on her bike and rides home, it's only vijftien minuten [15 minutes] away.

Sure, in the balmy sea breezes? She reassures me with tales of warm blankets, hot soup, and EMS, right there on the beach. Their motors are running when yours stops. I am NOT reassured *in the slightest* and she thinks it's funny. I am learning how to say EMS in Dutch but I don't want to misquote.

Just *thinking* about any of that lowers my blood temperature greatly. NieuwJaarsDag and hypothermia do not sound like a holiday celebration to me...

But it might be a great photo op?


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Dec. 22nd, 2008 04:10 am (UTC)
Parents and their stupid camera's. I swear, I've almost got in fisty cuffs and I'm a big, old softie.

Anyway, fabulous photo's, like normal. :)
Dec. 22nd, 2008 04:37 pm (UTC)
Hardened words from a big, old softie?

Well, I spose this icon is one of the True Spirits of Christmas, too: saw lots of shepherdettes practicing like this last August... guess it depends where you're celebrating! I'll take my Bethlehem in Holland, thank you ;)

But, Mia... awwwwww... this mom didn't shove anybody out of the way, not even me! She just wanted Angelhair to be... erm... frozen and cropped and framed?

Heck... now that you got me to put it *thaaat* way... :)
Dec. 22nd, 2008 04:40 pm (UTC)
And, thanks for the compliment! ... 'tis all in the models, perchance, and there's no way I hatch them out and drive them over to the Royal Animals :P
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