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they all came back

So I was wrong, and no, there were no lions yet, they got into the scene a bit later in history: I wanna quote the painting "The Peaceable Kingdom" to you but atm I can't remember the artist *hangs head*

The Holy Family all came back and so did all the animals from yesterday. Dirk told me that the HF is all recruited from the ranks of homeless street adults in the City, which explains why they take lots of spiritual breaks for hot choc and cookies. I do too, being homeless since last Feb and not quite a street person just yet .... we can leave the spiritual stuff till later?

I thought this was cute since if you ever want to say to someone, "I don't give a Goat's Ass about that," here's what you mean:

And of course where The Royal Dutch Animals are, can the Commoners Peanut Gallery be far behind?

And this is why Kala and I will have to wait our turn to PayPat our Camel Respects:

It always helps a shepherd, even a Holy One, if he has a staff so he can poke into the hay to find safe [non-organic] places to put down his sandals one by one:

And Lady Camel just sails above it all, wearing a Three Kings crown on her R haunch:

I am assuming this Lady name about her sex since she is so regal, but of course I'm not gonna peek around there, admitting I could be wrong --- and Kala knows lots more about these things than I do and I am afraid she is gonna kick my butt for being insulting to the Royal Camel family. I know there must have been a male around there somewhere, at some point, right?

Damn I hope that isn't on the final.


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