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noon at the Manger

No, there were not any angels in the hay that looked like leopard shepherdesses. But I hope Kala can help me out with these:

and here's the long view of all seven of them:

The air exhaust fans *did* indeed work and there was very little smell till you got up near the fence: they've parked all this in a little side space off the plaza but inside the building, so you can see it both ways. One of these guys looks like a Texas Longhorn really far from home.

The ceremony involved a speech from the Mayor and a short live concert with a fair orchestra. The City handed out free hot chocolate and almond butter cookies; the Virgin Mary and some of the Three Kings were among the first in line.

But Kerstmis is all about kids, everywhere [so is Chanukkah, Eid, Kwanzaa, and the rest.] There were a bunch, including a whole school class that I joined [for traffic protection] on the way down here, never expecting to see them again, but they indeed showed up [and left when the music ended and the politicians started. Kids know a few things, right?]

And there was one mom + child that I thought were darling, it looked as though it was the first time the girl had seen animals this up close and personal, and mom was doing a whole lesson:

I just was able to catch a pat-on-the-head in progress:

One of the Three Kings was passing out Den Haag Free Pomegranates to the kids. When he approached, it got to be overload for her: I thought it was cute she trusted the animals and not the pom King. She turned right into the safety of her mom:

And another couple, mom looked to me like Zahlarah might look when she grows up:

And when I walked into City Hall, far earlier than when the party animals got there, I found out Santa had already come: two fully-equipped stages had been set up with lights and sound, one slightly bigger than the other, with power cables and control boards all over the place. This is what I spent loads of time in America doing: usually I designed lights first and rigged everything else up later, hopefully with a crew to help or a bunch of nights to get it all done. When the City pays for it all, you have plenty of help. So they probably did it in a couple of hours last night --- the whole thing, it stretches way through the atrium.

So there are lots of photos of that [I took something like 56 shots of everything this morning] but I think it is for another post.

Christmas is ageless and no matter how much negative stuff has happened / will happen / in yours [as in mine], it's the light and the sound and the glows in the eyes of the kids that lasts beyond the calendar. The delight in experiencing. And in giving.

I've said this here before, but in my life you all are a gift to me, each of you, and so any one single day is far too short a time to celebrate. So it matters not at all that today is December 15..... that's just a label, after all.

December 15 is forever. Altijd, as we say here. "All Time."


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Dec. 15th, 2008 06:34 pm (UTC)
It doesn't sound like you need my help identifying these creatures at all. You've got your goats, your sheep, your donkey, your cow, and your camel. And children, too, of course. =)
Dec. 16th, 2008 10:15 am (UTC)
Aha! So that is a cow not a Longhorn. She must be a Royal Dutch Cow because she, and all the other six, have gone back to the Palace Zoo yesterday afternoon. The Holy Family took off too. How short time is.

I wasn't sure which was which [shouldn't I know my sheep from my ass by now?] --- but I think the little brown one is soooooo cute. All the bigger ones kept trying to butt her out of the way, away from the Holy Hay, but she was scrappy and was small enough so she could weasel her way under their legs. The power of food.

The camel was priceless when she chewed her cud from side to side and stared at everyone sedately, wisely, and peacefully, as if to say "I'm lots bigger than you are so don't give me any of your camel dung. I can make my own, thank you."
Dec. 16th, 2008 10:19 am (UTC)
And the children are beyond identification: priceless to the max. They glow and glow: every little thing is the newest, biggest discovery in the world... for that single second or two ;)
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