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ik lief de Bibliotheek

"I love the library."

Specifically, it's in the Stadhuis den Haag building, City Hall building; a tramway stop right outside it but I can walk here in 10 minutes. Here is all this beautiful spacious architecture containing the libe and the City offices, covering a city block, almost....where I took the Kerstboom outlines and met up with Sheila. Also there is the Geemente Den Haag, the Municipal Den Haag wireless network site, that apparently blankets every floor of this place, and it's VRIJ [free] and even if you need to use their computers it's only about 2 Euros / hour [2.6 US dollars.]

Tomorrow there is to be a living creche with real animals and Holy Family set up in the courtyard [which is enclosed.] We will see how the ventilation works lol

North Sea seagulls were swirling around underneath my corner window for awhile. Ever watched one from above it? Their wings seem to undulate like a dancer's arms. No doubt Kala could explain this better because she is into nature, but it looked like there were not any bones or muscles in their wings as they rippled outward, looked like a pulse of feathery blood, and flying appeared effortless as they made their long glides or soared up to dive again. I'd try for a pic but they won't hold still long enough, I'd get just a blur while they zoomed off for someone to hand them bread on the corners.

Also, Twelfth Night is observed here too. "Brush Up Your Shakespeare."

All this does not get packed up until the 7th of January. So, behind us is Saint Nicholas' Day on the fifth; ahead is 24th, 25th, and 26th December [26th = "Boxing Day"]; 31st December; 1st and 6th January.


I had read about all this somewhere, long ago, and now I am here in the middle of it....watching seagulls fly. Being much more of a light person as opposed to any kind of Christian at all, in this Season of Light.

Blessings Be.


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