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I talked about St. Jacob's church being a target for programmed green lasers coming from projectors on top of the theatre buildings. So I caught some. This is fuzzy but I like the vibrating effect. The tower dimensions are programmed into the computer, which then generates an exact rectangular outline:

Then three separate beams, also programmed, draw green laser lines around the cornices and up the roof planes, this is stop-action in real time. You'd see the green dots eventually "drawing" the whole building so that each pillar ends up with a single green line drawn onto it and the cornices, all around: also up each of the roof lines, you can see one of these just starting upward. I'm bad at distances but I'd judge that the throw distance - top of the theatre in a straight laser-line across the streets and the plaza, over the churchyard to hit the church - is maybe 200 meters / 600 feet:

The computer projector draws letters with the dots, too. In Dutch words they were saying "Desire is the true life of mankind." Don't know about that, but I got a recording of the first word, DESIR .... the whole slogan eventually fills up one entire slope of the roof :

And back 'home', I wiggled around to the side of my sled to take some hot balls:

It looks like these are burning and they do get warm. I especially like the twining pairs of white cables, all huggly as they are twisting to and from each little reflecting lamp, they purr at me in an embrace of power, rising from a single source ...

atm I happen to be amazed over how I go out of my way to look at cam angles and take pics. I haven't had a personal cam for a very long time, then I suddenly sank up to my ears in Anna's film work. {She is a lot braver than me about approaching people to model for a pic.} So, when I bought my own Digital Rebel I was scared of the thing, a furtive computer disguised as a Canon camera. All this was much to the annoyance of Mark, who sold it to me in his shop. He wanted me to go right out in the Cambridge streets [Boston, USA] to "take hundreds of shots of everything" {and to take some beginners classes from him along the way.} I did not photo a single thing until last August in Israel ---- and now, last night, I was freezing my fingers off in the cold North Sea wind to get these church night shots. I'd pack up all my stuff, then get another idea, and unpack it again. Over and over. Feeling crazy and inspired at the same time. The cold actually dropped away from me for awhile.

Also came across this:

"All photographs are, at some level, about love, and all photographs are triggered, to varying degrees, by desire. These emotions may be well disguised, or expressed indirectly, but they are always -there- : either the person *behind* the camera wishes to seize and possess a moment, a mood, an object, a body, a place, a face; or, the person *in front of* the lens asks, and often pays, to have a picture taken."

I know this leaves out the whole realm of digital manipulation, where "photos" are made out of Photoshop software applications, or altered there... but I'm now being entranced by this idea as I go look at my fave stuff in DeviantArt. Over there, love and desire and lust are sometimes all mixed up together and very very obvious. Other times, you have to look with better eyes than just your eyes, and/or with a more open heart to see that. I think William Ewing [who wrote that] is making a massive generalization when he says *ALL* photographs... but I certainly see and feel the love inherent in, and radiating out from, Sally Mann and many other photo studies --- whether they are of other people or not. Thinking of Kala's terrain and animal shots, and Lois' portraits of her husband and herself and her wedding...

The icon is the work of another Friend who I think is a genius at makeup, she created this leopard onto her fellow party-animal's face and body --- before they went out for ... Hallowe'en 2008, I think it was. This speaks to me of lots of love and caring, coming from each one of them <3

Lots of you here have taken many more photos than me: does this make any sense to youuu?


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