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a writ of CHEREM

There's a sled full of microlights underneath glass balls, it's sitting on the counter of my hostel:

...and it is sooooooooo pretty.

What happened to Bento was not so pretty, that's where this Cherem business comes in. He was 24 and the synagogue ordered him to be cursed all the time he was lying down, cursed all the time he was up, nobody could come within four cubits of him and nobody could listen to him teach or read any of his writings, because he was evil, wicked, abominable, and all those nice things that make life worth living. He got kicked out of the temple and out of the whole Jewish faith, to boot. He had to change his name. The original one was Baruch.

This all came down on the 6th of Av in the year 5416.

19 years later he was dead, of inhaling glass dust, over the years: he was a lens grinder and they buried him in back of here:

This is Saint Jacob's Church, across the street from the libe I'm sitting in now, "voltooid" = built ... in 1656, in Holland's Classic-Baroque style and I love the sun on its towers. The sun has come out after four days [more than half the time I've been here.] The benches are outside because they are renovating the inside / digging up the outside / as a test of how warm your faith is when it's -3 degrees C / maybe 28 degrees F / in a North Sea wind.

So. This dude's "real" name is Baruch Spinoza, and he was an equal-opportunity holy-book trasher: trashed the Torah, the Old Testament, the New Testament, I guess the Qu'ran too. The public knew him as a "heathen anti-religionist" because he wrote books and made speeches besides being a lensgrinder. He decided that God and Nature were the same thing, that good and evil have no absolute meaning, that the world as it exists looks imperfect only because of our limited perception. There is no mind - body duality, it's all the same thing, or substance, literally sub = under, stand = to underpin, as a foundation.

The date was July 27, 1656 in the Western calendar. The excommunication Cherem is at:


There are at least three of my Friends who will know lots more about what this all is, since they are Jewish. I never knew you could actually get totally removed from your own cultural heritage .... until now. I just found this church and thought it looked pretty and attractive and it sits right on the street.

They also project green laser lights onto its slopes at night, from the adjoining building, which project way across the street to here too --- think it's ads for something.

I think Spinoza would approve and I'm surprised they found anywhere to bury him ... maybe this was a renegade church in 1677. I like BS because he sure pushed the envelope of the times. And he was into light, optics, and lenses.

He had something to do with the Kerstmis decorations on the counter, too!


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