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Sheila and the Red Dome

I didn't even have to leave town to go to Africa. It came to me. [Sheila is next.]

This is inside the City Hall: behind the little guy from Kenya is twelve stories of Kerstboom in lighted outline. This dude-let is here because as part of the Human Rights Day celebration 1948 - 2008, there are various fundraisers going on. This one only lasts one day, and is called "Oliebollen voor Kenia". For one euro [1.34 USD] you get --

Sheila and Yvonne. That's Sheila on the left. The "oliebollen" does not translate, they are little doughnut-dough type puffy-muffins glazed with almond oil and powdered sugar and made with almond paste and they are TOTALLY DELICIOUS. [That's some of them below Yvonne's L arm, they had boxes + boxes of them] .... on January first, the Dutch bring in the Neujaar by wolfing these things down and making resolutions to go ride their bicycles later, to burn off the million zillion calories bestowed on them by the oliebollen. Sheila reminds me of Mari and she speaks with this delightful English accent so I bought twee of them [2] even though it is not the Neujaar yet. Sheila does not look like an oliebolle at all. I wondered about this thick leather collar on her L wrist but I was being polite and didn't ask delicately, "What the hell is that thing?" She prob had her Harley parked outside but you'd never be able to tell from her smile and her friendliness. [Not that Harleys can't be friendly, but I have enough to worry about over here without motorbikes coming at me in full cry. I didn't see any leathers beneath her apron :P]

Outside on the plaza in that stormy afternoon --

On the L of the pic is one of the two big theatres in this complex, the Dr. Anton Philips Hall, used for music and big theatre shows. [Philips = big fat successful electric company, in Dutch.] The bldg in the R background is a hotel with this long flight of wide concrete steps outside it, leading down to plaza level, they put cushions out for plaza perfs when the weather is good [not now.]


Almost same POV after sunset, the dome is lighted from the inside and protects some stage equipment for rock + roll. I liked the mom and kidlet walking into the theatre areas. The second one in the complex is the Netherlands Lucent Dance ["Dans"] Theatre, the "T" of Lucent is burned out. It's smaller than the Philips hall but still quite large. The NDT is big stuff on the international dance scene.

They'd moved a "sound" truck up in front of the dome:

...which I thought was cute because you could see the audio engineer inside it, the whole side of the truck designed like a boombox. An advert for 89.3 FM Radio West, I gather. I didn't hang out to find out whatever the concert would do to my ears, but I don't think those really are functional speakers on the truck: but, hey, you never know ... if they are, their anti-breaking-glass insurance must have cost a fortune.

And, my fave closeup [nonhuman, anyway]:

In the US we call these "Genie Lifts" and this one helped construct the dome. Because you had to drive it up there and hover over sideways on top of the dome to build it correctly. In theatre we use the little cousins of this one to hang lights in big theatres. [The Dutch are bigger lol]

I told my friends about Sheila and they said to watch out, she might have gotten her English accent from watching the BBC soap operas to cover up her true identity, which was really a secret agent from Kenya, all affectionate in the government service. But I'm not really worried, it's all in the taste of the New Year.


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Dec. 12th, 2008 07:54 pm (UTC)
Oliebollen -- sounds delicious! Mmmmmmm....

And taking a picture of a crane -- you are such a guy, Brad. :)

I love the night shot in the rain -- that one turned out really well.
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