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het Bibliotheekabonnement

No, the books are not this hot but I feel very warm and toasty. I will have to learn how to pronounce the title here, before I can teach it to Kala, but it means "The Library Memberships." About 26 USD each year and you get discounts. Discounts = pretty good, except for this free wireless Internet I've discovered. If you wanna pay for the same service downstairs, it's 3 USD per hour. [USD = US dollars.] They even have piano rooms.

I feel warm and toasty because the radiator in front of me is on and behind me it's not.

The one in front is toasting my scarf and I alternate it with my Amsterdam cap I bought last Fall. So I can heat up my neck and then my head and back again. The one in back is off because there are four elec sockets mounted into a pillar 9cm [four inches] away from it and my computer cable would get overtoasted, even melted.

Not to worry, the libe turned it off. And they have automatic screens which dropped over these huge picture windows when the sun came out this morning for a little while [to cut the glare.] At the moment, since I'm sitting three miles down the street from the Nordzee [North Sea] which blew up these high winds and big fog that ate the sun, the building's photoelectric switches tripped and raised the screens. Awesome. Screens = ten feet tall by 80 feet long, or so, black perforated cloth that shivered and shook in the winds. And the 10 x 80 is just this floor [one of seven? eight? "zeven? acht?"] .....Not your mother's home screens.

Man, the Nordzee does not mess around. People were blowing down the straaten much faster than usual :O

Anyway, just warming up for the next post.

Sometimes little things mean a lot. Like a hot hat and a cool plug.

VRIJ = "free" in Dutch, pronounced like 'fray' :) VIJF = "five", like 'fave' with a short 'a'.

I think "high five" is HOCHVIJF but don't quote me, mayhap some German sneaking in :P


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Dec. 12th, 2008 08:00 pm (UTC)
Scarf...cap...scarf...cap. Somehow, that seems so homey. Warm and comfy while the cold sea air blows in.

Is it the same scarf you were wearing when you saw me? Do you still have that cap and do you ever wear it?

You seem to be settling in nicely. :)
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