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Strijd Eerliyk

So, today in front of the Justice Ministry:

I met up with Zahlarah and Steffi. Lara is 7; Steffi is not. Lara is a political refugee from Afghanistan whose smile is as wide as the road, and she is the absolute activist, running up and down the street shoving flyers into the hands of diplomats and office workers, even security dudes, who were all charmed with her smile and her rainbow scarf, big thick deep color bands.

Steffi is her aunt and..... very Dutch and warm. Her sister had married an Afghan refugee, so there came Lara, yay; this afternoon he was at this big human rights rally in the plaza. So Steffi got the job of trying to see where Lara would run to next. Their tees are as long as dresses, especially on Lara, and they say "Strijd voor een eerliyk proces" which means 'Battle for an honest procedure' to admit Afghani refugees as citizens or at least let them start the process of becoming citizens. Lara's grandfather has just gotten out of a Dutch jail after ten years, now home in Den Haag for a month. The Court system had no direction at all from Parliament about what to do with people from there who hated the Taliban, so they have just sat on their hands --- and, when they *did* do anything, it was harshly punitive.

So Zahlarah is one part Dutch and one part Afghan and twenty parts energy. Tired me out just to watch her, but I got her to slow down long enough to grin for the pic. It also tired me out last Fall to watch the kids in Ramallah, at their refugee camp playground, too. Lara and her small boyfriend-partner made a big game out of all this and he got totally tired out long before she did.

Maybe Lara is getting ready for the Olympiad in some future year.


If you find one of these on your ceiling, rejoice. It just flew in from the Escher Paleis cafe downtown [maybe hiding from Lara.] It's a crystal flying bug rendered as a light fixture and I loved how the standard amber ceiling light set it off. You should rejoice because it is one-of-a-kind and therefore worth a lot of Euros. So do not be too fast to swat it.

What you won't see in the books on Escher is a study by a couple of mathematicians --- who, a couple of years ago, extended a tiny part of Escher's work. He died in 1972 and had left "Portrait Gallery", completed, with a white circle in the middle of it, which he utilized to sign his name. The math profs worked out every bit of the digital transformations necessary to fill the white circle with a miniature of the whole drawing, and animate it, so your eye is drawn into another gallery which contains a portrait at which you are looking which draws you in to still another gallery, and so on and on and on.

Escher is a master of the surreal spatial inversion and if you don't know his work, he's worth a look or ten. I think it is very cool he inspires other artists --- like these profs and the crystal artist who made the flying bug, of whom there are more examples in the rest of Escher because he loved the topic: a study on Red Ants is one.


This is a sculpture out in the Escher gallery garden. It's a single metal sculpture study of numerous triangle sets arranged in five-pointed pyramids. Yes, I know a pyramid has four triangles set with a square described by their bases, but this one has five on each point and no bases in common because the "triangles" go shooting off in all directions as your eye follows them down: shooting into open spaces and rectangles and other mind-boggling forms. I liked how the waning sunlight lighted up the various surfaces.


Since I am not from any of the European Union nations, it begins to look like there will be a lonnnnnnnnnng time before any income appears in my life and my wallet. Imagine, the Dutch don't like me any more than they like the Afghanis! [Except for Z and Steffi and Deetje, that is....] So maybe my move will be to declare me an economic refugee and go to the demonstrations and hand out flyers with Steffi and Lara. Just not run around quite so quickly lol.

I'll ask her where she got her scarf, though, for sure.

Maybe she knitted it on the black .... erm, *rainbow* market?


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Dec. 12th, 2008 05:51 am (UTC)
So you are in Delfft, then? Getting ready to settle?

Good, I think that will be good for you.

Love Escher -- that bug is great! I bought Sean an Escher book because he loves the art, but I love it myself -- I don't know who I bought it more for, me or him.

It's a great scarf, indeed. :)
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