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we are all connected

This is another from this afternoon, as dusk fell:

I wanna take my tripod back there when it's REALLY a dark sky, so there's a better contrast: strings of blue-white lights dancing in a tree near the shopping plaza, just down the street from the Dutch Parliament buildings.


I'm reposting this from an entry from one of Kiota's friends, *Jeanie, writing a little more than four years ago:

"None of us needs to be fixed. None of us needs this outer shell to "fit" in a size whatever. None of us needs to do anything but understand that we're utterly perfect the way we are, dynamic and moving forward and evolving and beautiful.

Goddamit, I have to remember this. It's why I got sick, you know. I wanted wisdom. I wanted love.

I have everything I need right here, right now.

And all is good in the world. And not because of my pants size. But because of where I am in the scheme of things, who I am and how I affect the world around me.

I have always wanted to live my life in a way that I could be proud of, in a way that meant something, in a way that left the world a little more beautiful then when I came in. Because I believe we're all connected and that the universe is One, and think that I'm doing that by loving and accepting myself, not because of how I look ... -- but by being kind of person that I look up to, the kind of person I would want as a friend.

I'm getting there, but I'm also enjoying the ride along the way, cancer and all. Isn't THAT the point, after all? Isn't the point to enjoy the journey? Isn't the point to enjoy where you're at in the road, and who you are? Why the hell do we want to waste all our precious moments beating ourselves up and berating ourselves and hating what and who we are? ...

Stop for a moment, and give yourself a hug. Tell yourself how beautiful you are, and how great you are at something you love. Even if it's something you perceive as small. And then, give your neighbor one as well. Know that you are beautiful, and wonderful.

Because you are, you know.



Two months later *Jeanie was back in the hospital for more chemo and another transplant. Both failed. Sometime in February 2006, she succumbed.

In March, Anna responded to this entry and mentioned that she had bought *Jeanie a present which Anna had procrastinated in mailing, and now would never have the chance to.

This past summer a miracle happened involving five of us: Jeanie and Anna had gone, I'm the third, and the other two are reading this. The miracle was that after two-plus years, one of my Friends sent the present, which had wound up in her hands -- which was "a beautiful paperweight - you know, the kind that you turn upside down and sparkles come floating down? It was so beautiful....It had a fae in it. It reminded me of you ... " --- this is Anna's description.

One of my Friends sent this present through me to the fifth Friend, who had consoled Anna at Jeanie's passing.

So three of us, alive, were the channel for this present, in real life, which Anna had wanted Jeanie to have as a token of her caring and love. A miracle beyond time and across oceans. Anna's present got to another Friend of Jeanie. In memory.

And worlds away from almost anywhere, here lives this tree in Holland full of 'sparkles' lighting up the branches: the lines which feed them and connect one to another are all joined. Not all branches have sparklies, but the tree blossoms forward from a single trunk and the dots of blue / white travel out to the end of their branches which hold them up. Spreading the joy.

It says unity to me: in Jeanie's phrase, "we are all connected". While we are within what she calls our "outer shell", and of course after we are outside it. Although each one of us makes a journey that is different from anyone else, we all move toward the light and rejoice when we see its mirror images in our lives, whatever forms the images might take.

And the light that crosses mine with each of yours is especially joyful this season.

Blessings Be.


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Dec. 12th, 2008 06:28 am (UTC)
I shivered when I saw the title of this post. Because my comment on the one before that was about exactly this, before I even saw this one.
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