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playing in the Count's hedge

Well, that is the full name of where here is. The Queen of The Netherlands is around here somewhere tending her hedge. The Count plays harp with the angels, he's from the 1100's or sometime like that. The short name is Den Haag and it's the capital city and I am sitting smack in the middle of it.

This is called "the flatiron stack" or something close to that in Dutch. It's the highest building in this city and you can see everything. You can especially see the red ink in your bank account if you buy one of the "luxury condominiums" in the stack, which start at 2 million euros or so and go up as you get higher [cannabis smokeshop, anyone?] One euro is about 1.36 US dollars. But it's beautiful and it is right outside my window and especially at night it looks very cool.


This is my dreamboat home. It's moored in the dijk at the foot of the flatiron stack and all it costs is 250,000 euros or so. However, the Queen did not just fall off the tulip truck yesterday. She owns the water. So you pay her a lot of taxes. That's why this one will never be for sale. There is one for 140,000 just down the canal right under the railroad bridge. Trains run 18 uur / dag. Not designed to aid your digestion. Maybe I can get the same rock-to-sleep effect from a dinghy with a tent on top?


This is the south end of a drake doing a waterdance north. He's all excited because there are great hopes that I will throw him some bread and he wants all the other (female) swans to take a powder or at least to tour another canal. He put on quite a show but atm I had eaten all the bread up myself.


This is a fave I just took today, late afternoon. The sky wasn't this dark so you can get closer to what I was seeing by tilting your screen upwards [or tilting yourself downwards.] The effect of the gold light pouring out of the top window to make a tree is just spectacular, and it's flanked by bluish-white garlands in the mall trees [real ones.] This is the front of an old building now occupied by a department store.


All this talk about multimillion euros aside, yours truly is in need of some income if he wants to keep feeding himself. So today's adventures were with the US Embassy and with the City, which runs an office to help find jobs and housing for folks who have stumbled into their doors from somewhere across the seas. Actually they are *looking* for people! Which, I am finding out, is a very very good thing.

I just really wanna go swimming with the drake. It must be fun to bow your long neck and shake your tailfeathers and paddle your feet like crazy.

In other news, I haven't quite found the loyal Dutch subjects pictured in my icon here. But I have seen them from afar, apparently .... they were riding bicycles and were not looking at the pavement, much. When you're in love, well ... I just had to be their eyes for a second or two, and I had to dance fast to get out of their way and share their joy.


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Dec. 12th, 2008 06:31 am (UTC)
Welcome home. :)
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