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of Nate and Mari and Caitlin and Alexia

The icon is a shot of Alexia in rehearsal for a new 2009 Stolen Chair show. http://www.alexiavernon.com And she made her own short two-acter rising out of her personal history, entitled "The Joy of Lex", and performed it in NY and toured it to Vegas, to her undergrad school. It was her Master's thesis in Women's Studies at NYU, a couple of years back. It is all about survival, and joy, and voyaging through new frontiers. Like she herself is. The play's characters are herself and her life-size bunny rabbit, on the scale of when she was little, and it makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time, puzzling and rejoicing over her miracles, as Ki once wrote about listening to Pachelbel and playing it on the piano over and over.

Nate Morton is the former Colony Clerk of Plymouth Colony who transcribed parts of Bill Bradford's journal. It's tempting to think that Bill would be an avid LiveJournaler today. Nate, Bill, and Plymouth Colony are all long gone since we are lots more than a couple of years back, we're talking the 1620's here. But they and their friends set out over a watery frontier after carting themselves from Leiden to Delft [real quick now by train out of Centraal Station] and sailing off the end of the world ["there was a mighty ocean which they had passed, and was now as a main bar or gulph to separate them form all the civil parts of the world" ... where they could see "a hideous and desolate wilderness full of wilde beasts and wilde men"] --- now lots quicker than their three months, courtesy of KLM or Lufthansa or Irish Air. Sea monsters have been replaced by high jet fuel prices. When these hearties got to Delft they took a night to screw ["real expressions of true Christian love"] and pray and bawl their eyes out for the friends they were leaving.

Later on, Nate noted that "we might remind ourselves also that if those men setting out from Delfts-Haven had been daunted by the troubles they saw around them, then we could not this autumn be thankful for a fair land."

Courage and new frontiers .... like millions of HS seniors are meeting up with atm ...

Some of us are long removed from first year in college [a few of us, quite far removed haha], but Mari Huessy is now a 20-year-old freshman at Grinnell who broke new ground by applying to only ** one ** college. Wha? The idea of exploring ten freaked her out, she's from a tiny hamlette in VT where there are more wilde beast cows than people {unless some recently escaped over the border to the wildes of New Hampshire.} So after Grinnell said no in her HS senior year, Mari took off to Germany to teach ESL, then came back and did a much better interview and got in. On the strength of a post-diploma year abroad and more maturity.

More conventionally, Caitlin Flood visited 40 of them, traveling from her home in suburban NY, and turned down Georgetown, which would bill her 50,000 USD / year, and Cornell, which offered her anonymity with 13,000 undergrads. The trip through 40 just confused her bigtime. So she's at Lafayette, her class is 600 kids. She didn't want some kind of pressure-cooker school where she'd feel all guilty leaving the libe before two in the morning.

Imagine. Guilt is a bad trip.

Soyeah. Is a small frontier better than one starting with a big wide ocean? For some of us, obviously. Maybe we should not bite off more than we can chew, but how do we know how much to bite without doing it? And finding out?

There were teenagers on the Mayflower, too.

Blessings be.


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Nov. 29th, 2008 03:51 pm (UTC)
Hm. Maybe for some starting with a "big wide ocean" allows them to search in greater depths for themselves. But yes, it is more often that we take on more than we can ahndle or "bite off mroe than we can chew" as you so well put. I agree though, I think that to know how much to "bite" we need to take too much so we find out just how much we can take on and just how strong we are. Or maybe, maybe we take little nibbles until we find the amount that suits us best.

I don't even know that any of that makes sense. Haha.

Nov. 29th, 2008 05:07 pm (UTC)
*all* of it makes sense, C.

Hadn't thought of the ocean / inner depths image, thanks! Dooubt if the original sailors and kids wanted to think of depths literally, they just prayed to stay on *TOP* of the waves all those weeks!

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