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not one in five hot acres

"At times it is difficult to say exactly who makes the pictures. Some are gifts to me from my children: I pray for that angel to come to us when I set the camera up, knowing there is not one good picture in five hot acres. We put ourselves into a state of grace we hope is deserving of a reward, and it is a state of grace with the Angel of Chance."

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-Linked for uproaring about subjects and nudity-


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"When the good pictures come, we hope they tell truths, but truths "told slant", just as Emily Dickinson commanded. We are spinning a story of what it is to grow up. It is a complicated story and sometimes we try to take on the grand themes: anger, love, death, sensuality, and beauty ....In Samuel Beckett's play 'Endgame', Hamm tells a story about visiting a madman in his cell and exhorting: 'Look! There! All that rising corn! And there! Look! The sails of the herring fleet! All that loveliness!' But the madman turned away: all he'd seen were ashes."

"How is it that we must hold what we love tight to us, against our very bones, knowing we must also, when the time comes, let it go? ....

The withering perspective of the past, the predictable treacheries of the future ...."

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(c) 1992, 2005 Sally Mann, "Intimate Family", All Rights Reserved

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A favourite study of mine is "Fallen Child" from 1998.

This was one of the two books I gifted Kiota with last Chanukah, she was thrilled. It led her to start a dialogue with Sally's publisher about her own career track. I just re-lived part of this today, nearly a year later, revisiting the gallery in New York. Ki knew Sally was controversial and that was part of the attraction. But it was far more than just this. She used the book as a text and devoured all the images, all the commentary. This past January: "I want to be able to shoot pictures like that when I grow up."

One of Sally's kids has now published her own photo collection; her older sister is in college. And their mom has lately gone on to a study of death, "What Remains" [2006], adapted into an HBO movie the next year...


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Nov. 17th, 2008 06:59 pm (UTC)
Truths "told slant." Yes, that is exactly what I also try to do in my own work. The oblique approach. Why do you think I ever took up anything artistic at all? I had things I had to say, had to express, in an environment in which it was forbidden to do that very thing (my childhood). Art was and is a vehicle to do that. Music which my heart understood and sometimes not even my mind, and that hit my listeners with my message but no specifics. Sometimes not even I knew the specifics.

"How is it that we must hold what we love tight to us, against our very bones, knowing we must also, when the time comes, let it go? ....

Yes, also. In order to find out if it will ever come back to us again.

I needed this today, thank you. *hugs*
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