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bridges and canals and horizons

This is where I stayed in Amsterdam last September: The Wiechmann B&B Hotel. It's made from three formerly private homes, starting from the R building in the same family since 1936 or so. I lived on the top floor of the shorter middle building in white, Prinsengracht #330. In fact that top floor is one single smallish room up under the eaves --- and its center windows have a deep sill, perfect for a photo perch. The corner building, Prinsengracht #332, is where you get a great free breakfast and a table right on the corner where you can watch all the bridge bikers and the rest of the street activity --- of which there is lots.

Now it happens that Kala was on board a canal cruise boat right in front of my hotel, we photographed the same houseboat on my side of the bank. That happened more than two years before I got there, we just discovered this our second connection [Kiota being the first.] To me, these are not conicidences at all.

The pic is taken from the far end of a bridge, standing on part of Runstraat, at a time totally different from Kala's ... but in Amsterdam a lot of times melt together. If you go you'll see.

One of the two reasons I traveled there was Anna Frank: the other was my other Anna, who had posted joyfully about being approached by girls in windows in the Red Light District [legal] and buying hash [also legal.] 1944 and 2006 and 2007, melted. In the secret attic at Prinsengracht #263, Anna Frank as a 15-year-old [een vijftiener] dreamed dreams of going back to school in Amsterdam as she listened to the church bells in the Westerkirk next door, which still chime out today. Kiota as een achttiener dreamed of starting college full-time in America, and other dreams...... Dreaming timelessly: they still do, of course.

Dreams and horizons. Like the icon, also from 2007, taken of a skyline in Montana on one of Kiota's road trips. Do you see the sky or the lines more clearly?


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Nov. 9th, 2008 07:26 am (UTC)
Me, I see the sky. But that sort of seems to be where I'm gazing a lot of late. :)

And I always love the views from bridges as well. :)

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