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three from the heart


before you slip into
i'd like to have another kiss
another flashing chance at bliss, another kiss.

the days are bright
and filled with pain
enclose me in
your gentle rain
the time you ran was too insane
we'll meet again, we'll meet again.

o tell me where
your freedom lies
the streets are fields that never die
deilver me from reasons why you'd rather cry:
i'd rather fly.

The Crystal Ship is being filled
a thousand girls
a thousand thrills
a million ways to spend your time
when we get back
i'll drop a line.



one in the tree
calling to another in a tree
calling out to me:
what did you leave behind
what did you show
what will you need to take
with you when you go, when you go?

one in the grass
calling to another in the grass
calling out to me:
what are the questions you will ask
what did you wonder when you passed,
when you passed,
what did you wonder when you passed?

in the grove at sun down,
hear the night song:
seek the meadow in the evening,
in the darkness find the sound,
hear the night song:

one in the night
calling to another in the night
calling out to me:
how to pull straight from the heart,
how to continue, how to start?

seek the meadow in the grieving,
in the darkness find the Sound ....



Suddenly before my eyes
Lines of indigo arise
With them how my spirit sighs
Paint The Sky With Stars.
Only Night will ever know
Why the heavens never show
All the dreams there are to know ...
Who has paced the midnight sky?
So a spirit has to fly
As the heavens seem so far
Now who will paint the midnight star?
Night has brought to those who sleep
Only dreams they cannot keep:
I have legends in the Deep --
Paint the sky with stars.
Place a name upon the Night
One to set your heart alight.
And, to make the darkness bright,
Paint the sky with stars.


:Mr. James Morrison and the Doors, (c) 1965
:Trapezoid, (c) 1990
:Enya, (c) 1997


kiota too late for the stars
Moonfire Marion Bridge / Brad

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