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"Rootless ... no, no Nostalgia" is Karina's show about her life after emigrating from San Juan to make a new life in New York. One of the amusing comments she has as she stands before bilingual projections on her screen is "I'm sorry if you are not yet bilingual in Spanish and English, you'll just have to read the screen behind me. And they call us the stupid ones."

She performs her show in both Spanish and English, as she switches song and line deliveries, the screen words change to the other language. And she can't see the screen, it's behind her, but she doesn't need to.

I think we all forget how it is to be in a new place where you don't understand the language and you can't read the street signs and your money is a mystery. That's all of us, each one, when we are learning and too young to yet understand. We are just tiny little kids starting out, we don't even know where the end of our street is.

Sure, there are plenty of people bilingual in English and Whatever, whom I found in Israel and Palestine, but over there I did get into places where all those things in the first sentence {of the para above} happened to me. And how strange THAT felt. In Holland, too!

I fool around with Spanish with Karina and she teaches me little by little. [It's a bit like fooling around with Arabic with Nuri and wifey lol]. With a lot of laughter. She's a Spanish-As-A-Second-Language tutor at Columbia University. So it's also a tutor-to-tutor connection. "Rootless" might also tour to my home theatre in Texas, THE VORTEX in Austin.

The other connection with "Rootless" is that I was supposed to be in the opening audience last April. {Pics from that production above this post.} In fact, I flew back East for that.

I didn't know this ahead of time, but there's a film sequence where Karina throws herself into a raging waterfall to her death, shattering herself all over the cliffs and rocks at the bottom. The 20-foot-high screen fractures into a myriad of tiny colored rectangles as she screams, there are multiple patterns of rectangles, the screams last for a long while after the sound stops. She's stripped her clothes off, revealing a green / white one-piece bathing suit onscreen which matches the one she wears for the rest of the show, when she restarts the live action. "Live" action.

It's a metaphor for discarding your old self, the poisons of your baggage and griefs, and restarting with your new life, putting down roots in a strange new land.

I saw instantly why I was not supposed to be in the audience in April. I would have been watching Karina kill herself on film the same night Kiota was killing herself in her room --- NOT onstage at all. It was even almost too much to bear six months later, in Karina's theatre a continent away from Evergreen. Even though Ki was sitting right next to me two nights ago.

At the end of Karina's show, she says: "Sink your powerful gleaming claws into LIFE!"

As she has done. As all the kids in "Thirteen, the Musical" do.

Okay: easier said than done, of course. But there they are :P

Blessings Be.


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Nov. 1st, 2008 01:38 am (UTC)
Sink your powerful gleaming claws into LIFE!

As you see, I have used a little CSS to make my point.

This is my wish for you too, Brad. So very much. I hope you take it to heart, from both Karina and me. *hugs*

Edited at 2008-11-01 01:39 am (UTC)
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