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a perfect tapestry photo 3: the site

This is an closeup of the consecration site. The four pebbles are in a line on the gold cloth I brought from Christ Church.

The ribbon has colors that are privately meaningful to Anna and me.

The site is just down the hill from the last previous photo (#2).

There are little trails around this smallish hill and it is an abandoned homeless camp [abandoned is what I thought until I heard someone watching our ceremony.] Kiota was intimately linked with the homeless in Olympia at the end of her life and was partway through interviewing many of them, and making and editing a documentary film about them. So, besides the Valley Of The Ghosts, this is also a creative site.

Going from L to R: Pebble 1 is for all those who visited Ki through all of her sites across each of the years she was on; Pebble 2 is for about fifteen LJ Friends whom I knew were closer to her than most of the hundreds she Friended. Each of these pebbles are from opposite sides of Lake Champlain [NY and VT] where I grew up. Pebble 3 is from China and celebrates Kiota's relationship with a very special girl at Evergreen whose privacy I want to protect. Pebble 4 is for me, from Dorm A at Evergreen, at the last place where we hugged before the taxi took me off to the airport on April 11.


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Oct. 20th, 2008 11:55 pm (UTC)
Wow. Thank you for explaining the pebbles. I always wondered what they meant. And the ribbon as well.

Again, it's so personal and so meaningful. Still reading backwards...
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