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a perfect tapestry: the first photo

Today marks the half-year anniversary of Kiota's public funeral ceremony. I vividly remember my own meditation at 0330 at my school on Friday, 18 April, simultaneously with 1030 at Cfar Etzion in Efrata where her ceremony was beginning.

As in all lives, what matters is not the anguished remembrance of the tragedy of an early ending, but instead the celebration of what continues on, outside time. Which for me is her many presences with me now: her art, her desires to help her children, her orphans in Cambodia she was eager to meet, and other personal things.

And also, which for me is the presence of so many of you, near and far.... This all is continuing too.

One of the rituals within the Jewish burial ceremony is to carry a pebble with you, consecrate it with an offering and a prayer, and leave it at the gravesite.

So many of us on LJ and elsewhere could not go over to Israel to do that. So on August 26 I held a personal ceremony which was not personal at all, it was for all of us, and it was lots larger than a single pebble. I was told to bless four. I went to the location where she shot one of her photo essays, which you can still see under the title of "Abandoned Railroad" I, II, III, and IV, in her professional DeviantArt gallery she established on the last day of last year: http://anna-rosenfeld/deviantart.com

This was the photo gallery she was pointing pro gallery exhibitors / publishers toward, for a review of her work. And my being here was itself an honoring of her creative spirit.

This location is in Jerusalem, just outside the walls of the Old City, along one side of Emek Refa'im, "The Valley of The Ghosts". The links to the prayers I wrote are these:


The beginning photo is the facade of the old Arabic railway station which was blown up in 1948 by the Israeli Freedom Fighters. You can't see this from the main street, only the back of it from there; I sneaked through the back fence to shoot this [and others]. Just as she and Becky had, too. The building is now an Israeli national memorial, and at the R end of this shot is a new massive set of risers and seats, it's an outdoor rock concert stage with hundreds of seats, very much not blown up and very much filled with life.

Ki made her photo essays down along the old tracks, much further to the R of this.

EDIT: I can't learn the codes / posting sequences well enough, or accurately enough, so I can link PhotoBucket to LJ in order to upload the gallery here, so I will just link to that in my next post, LJ is only allowing me to post one photo now.


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Oct. 21st, 2008 12:14 am (UTC)
Wow, that is a haunting scene.

Your links are broken for some reason, but I remember when you originally posted the prayers. Will have to hunt for them and read them again.
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