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Fawath, second act

I originally posted about Fawath last September 2:


This icon isn't related to her directly, it's from a Bread and Puppet Theatre show in Vermont in 1998.

Fawath is 10 and a super-techie who helped us a lot when I went on a puppet tour to Ramallah, at her new school there, on top of a mountain. After the show was over she was the only one of the whole audience --- of 90+ kids and parents --- who stayed to help us pack up.

She actually went totally out of her way to find stuff to do. Marie and I showed her how the puppets worked and she operated the 2.5-meter dragon well enough to dance around with it and make its jaws clack: it was longer than she was tall, and her short arms did not cause her any trouble at all, she coped beautifully! My cam was right there on the floor but I was so entranced with her that I didn't even think to shoot a pic until later:

She is posing with a fake small animal skull on her head that was a prop we used in the show. If you can enlarge this [LJ is not cooperating with me here] you will see what a great smile she has. In the background there are some of the props and pieces of stage stuff we were packing up.

When we were leaving, she ran out to our French Government van and got in right next to me: she wanted to come with us to the next show. She wasn't alone, but she stayed the longest of anybody!

She speaks almost no English but her body language spoke volumes.

We may have been in a very dangerous war zone where the real dragons chew up kids like breakfast cereal, but you'd never know it from Fawath. Or most of the rest of them, in fact.

The saddest thing is that many of the kids will become politically radicalized by the time they are teens or young adults. The happiest thing is that sometimes we can get to them before that time comes, to involve them in some of the fun in life.

And in lots of love.


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