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Make War not Love

Well, that's what the Spartans and Athenians said, at first. Then their erections got so big and multicolored [one was flaccid and seven feet long] that to get their wives and sugarhoneys back, they either had to sign a peace treaty or call EMS and get medical genital attention. Besides, they were all VERY afraid of what this icon represents. The grrls had locked up the treasury and refused to make any more love [with men, anyway] or make any more babies while the war kept going on and on and on.

Antiwar comedy, millennia old. And new as the Boulder Daily Camera headelines. The writers had updated the script with lines like "They'll even steal my 401K!" and "Bill and Monica showed us how to do it!" and "Screw the Email spam I don't need them little blue pills!" -- This refers to Viagra, which most of you are millennia away from your boyfriends / lovers needing to put in their mouths haha .... The music was all new [and never in the original except for choral speech]; one number ended, "See me woman, hear me ROAR" with the grrls piled up in a tableau on each other, writhing on the stage with desire, six meters in front of my seat in the third row.

The reason these stalwart warriors did not need "them pills" were these completely visible sponge-rubber reinforced prosthetic organs they wore the whole night, in different colors, which the men threw over their shoulders [if they were long enough, many were not, this Rambo-type dude wore one that was maybe 24cm [not that I measured, of course]] and how they got through some of the choreography with them sticking up or dangling around is still impossible for me to understand. What a technical achievement.

Of course when the grrls got going on one another [to embarrass the men even more] --- --- well, that was a delight to behold as well. Amazing realism. More exciting choreography. They were in solid-color long gowns with many detachable parts, which they did, when they felt their warriors were not getting the point. Or when they wanted to give their girlfriends more ... ummm ... access. Some of the duets were with one dancepartner totally upside down at times. Standing on her head with her skirt over her face. Color-matched panties, too.

It wasn't all unadulterated delight, though: curtain was 15 minutes late [TOTALLY non-Bway / professional, what ARE they teaching them these days?????], some of the lighting sucked and the sound mix was so poor that even in the third row I couldn't hear voices clearly because the three-piece electronic band overpowered the voices.

But that's nitpicky. The exuberance, the delight, the message, the costumes were awesome. largely indescribable: the men marching up onto the stage from the aisle in Greek short skirts and fat green rubber slippers, I think you call them clogs, full of holes [so you can wear them in the shower?]

Those actors were really putting out. In many meanings lol

The director / writer / co-lyricist is a prof from China. She notes that since she's on the faculty she cannot tell people whom to vote for. So, instead, she's started a new movement [heh] on campus called No Sex Day. It's gonna happen on Election Day and the idea is that you cannot screw because that will distract you from voting. You'll forget.

Pulling down the levers first, pushing down your lovers second.

Democracy in action in the voting booth before orgasms in action in the kitchen.

Or wherever.

On ****this**** campus???

She's just kidding, right?

Maybe I should ....umm...stick / around to find out?

*Go Lysistrata!* should go to east coast theatres pronto. X-specially our nation's capital. They need to re-learn what they forgot about what the common people want to do with their treasuries. And with their girlfriends.

To correct the title of this post:

Make Love Not War !!!

[That's not original, and it worked in 1967 {or, eventually.} But people forget. As I said. And as they sang. And danced last night.]

It wasn't African but parts of it were sure tribal ....

The show opened last week and closes this one, but it shouldn't close at all unless the message is tightly and totally captured inside. With or without those little green pills. Or was it blue?

I forget.

Never touch the stuff.


Oct. 9th, 2008 07:04 pm (UTC)
*smiles* I'm glad you think so!


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