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Kiota's Children

These four girls are among the kids Kiota would have met had she been able to go on her volunteer United Planet quest to Cambodia in June and July 2008. They live in an orphanage, and Ki has been inspiring me to donate the money which she would have used to participate in the program. We completed the transactions and wiring the money last Friday.

The funds are beginning to be used right now to increase the benefits these kids are getting and to build new additions to the orphanage so that each child can have more room and more educational and playtime supplies. And more counseling time. There is a pro staff which will be assisted by volunteers from the US in the future, to provide the love and attention and compassion that otherwise would be totally missing in their lives. All four kids were abandoned and had been living on the dirt streets and begging for food before they were rescued earlier this year.

This is Srey Mien, age 9.

This is Srey Mom, age 7.

Mien and Mom are sisters; their father died and their mother abandoned them and cannot be found.

This is Chanta, age 7.

This is Chanti, age 9.

Chanta and Chanti are also sisters. Their father took a new wife and their mother left for Thailand to work as a prostitute. The new married couple abandoned the kids and they were found begging for food around the town market, and also sleeping in the street.

The mothers of these four girls are also sisters, so that makes them cousins. With no parents and no one to care about them.

I have no idea how and why all these threads have woven together in my life so that I can be a channel for Kiota to send her love over there for them. But that is what is happening.

And all of you have a part in this through your love for her.

K once wrote in her journal about giving gifts during the end-of-year holiday season [in 2007.] She talked about spreading the joy.

And we are, all of us.


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Oct. 7th, 2008 06:19 am (UTC)
You have spread the joy into my world, Brad.
Oct. 8th, 2008 09:39 am (UTC)
And you into mine. But that's not new, Alicia.
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