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fly the possibly friendly skies of El Al

if they have their anti-missle deflection radar-jammers on, that is. Totally worth the extra money, El Al is. Also their armed air marshals sitting here and there, maybe next to you.

This isn't Israel, it's Photoshop [a bit] and Kiota [a whole lot] and Hayden Lake in Idaho where she lived most of one year with her grandparents.

Tomorrow: off to move into Tel-Aviv's Ben Gurion airport for 12 hours of security checks, then in the air and eating up five time zones westward to NY.

But I'm not coming home. Home is right here. I'm leaving home to take a field trip to Colorado, among other places. Then, one-way back to Holland. And you have no idea how great that 'one-way' deal sounds.

I'm such a wimp that I almost bawled when I called my director and he laughed that tonight he would have to read his kids their bedtime stories instead of me. Gotta get a grip here. We had a cool time last night and one of the four of them actually went to sleep. The books were in French and I actually could make some sense out of it [I'm good with pictures lmao]

Then at one point down in the street, also last night, all these Palestinian kids started chanting to me, perfect unison, how to say Arabic [!] numbers in Arabic. Since their English was so good, I couldn't teach them a thing about that! They kinda backed me right up against a wall and did this choral speech with lots of energy {trying to outshout each other}, and their moms laughed that they were starting another revolution with me. We busted some pretty good dance moves, yo. [Me and the kids, that was. :P ]

And today's classes / rehearsals were great: Basic Movement and Chorus. The packages may be small, but those pint-size sopranos have voices that can split the windows if they want [at one point I thought the Israeli Air Force was coming back, they sounded like sirens.]

It's all a perfect tapestry, perfect threads coming together.

And I just heard some good words from my Friend in Kuwait, too. Comforting ones.

Part of the timeless and the tapestry. What's making my last evening here quite special.


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