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the wrong side of the wall

or the right side, depending on your point of view.

I now have two theatre families, one on each side. It's the second day I'm at Aida political refugee camp in Bethlehem, at the school here....been invited to a rehearsal in two hours, new play. They might tour to Egypt next year.

When you get a combo of the Israeli Army and the Palestinian Police watching up and down the streets, how you feel is not in any travel folder. I got a guided tour yesterday from one of the kids, actually Salam is not a kid anymore, she's now a first-year university student in business, and a new theatre teacher in the company -- whom I met on tour in Vermont about the same time I met Kiota online. And Salam looks very much like this icon, without the rainbows. Her Arabic is native and her English is almost as good.

Her name means "peace" in Arabic and she wears a sixties peace symbol on her throat.

The pic actually comes from Christopher Street in New York. Where she's not been. Yet.

We went through a lot of alleys and sneaked into a big Christian shrine and looked at her grandparents houses and looked at battle damage to buildings [not too recent] from Israeli aircraft. [ Still, the buildings are not there anymore.]

The other school is in Ki's hometown where the army blocks the road and where all the townspeople are armed. Concealed weapons. No Palestinians.

So I'm getting quite the perspective here.

There was this big half-moon with raggedy edges this early morning, peering down from a blue-perfect clear sky. It reminded me of a life only partially lived and disappearing into raggedness.

But the bright part you can't see comes out too. You know it's there.

You just gotta wait for it a little.


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