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Cockring and Candy Land

Well you can't go into Candy Land atm, they are renovating something back there. But there seem to be plenty of other places for your viewing pleasure.

After my tour I feel like running right out of here. Right into a shower, at least. A lonnnnnnnnnng one.

Yes there were women in the windows. Red neon light strips around them. Sitting down. Looking out. Looking bored. Looking ugly. Looking 90% undressed. Looking like they were chewing gum. Which is what they were doing. Of course if it's one in the afternoon and the sun's out, maybe some of the charm is lost. If there were any to begin with.

It is *where* they were that discouraged me no end. In the yard of a Catholic Church built in 1300, facing it. Very narrow streets, cobblestones, lots of history, charming, and their windows are maybe forty feet from the church door. 12 meters or so.

It sounds humorous to describe it, but you really have to be there to get the full effects.

Come right out of the church after services and step right into Erotic Supermarket. Another business name.

But it's when I went into the church --- called Oude Kirk, or Old Church --- that things really got transcendent and uplifting and spiritually wonderful. Man, I'm inspired to convert on the spot.

The church floor is made of gravestones, big slabs of slate. Many of them are inscribed. The oldest I saw was from people dying in 1506 or so. There are nine satellite chapels around the main floor.

There is an "art" installation inside one of them. Seven large clear plastic coffins, sealed, and raised up on top of the gravestones on pedestals. Inside each one is a dead prostitute. All are wearing bright red lipstick, tight black blindfolds, none are bound down, one lies on her back with her skirt thrown up above her bellybutton. A couple of them are lying there face down in their coffins. One is wearing brown tights with daggers printed on them.

It's a fashion show for whores?

Their bodies are arranged around a small wooden booth set up in the center of the chapel. It has a door inviting you to enter one at a time. There is some kind of video inside playing in Dutch; a couple of schoolgirls went in there, giggling, to explore it.

I guess I just stood there in some kind of shock.

This is inside a 700-year-old Dutch Reformed Church [the Protestants took it over in the 1500's sometime.] Services every Sunday, vespers three times each week in the late afternoon. Choirs. Offertories. Orders of Worship.

The whores are really dressmakers' mannequins, maybe seven feet long or so, I think prob larger than we have in America.

The exhibit is titled Real Dolls, Real People. They will be there for a month.

I was just totally, totally affronted. A question of taste. The church wants you to contribute in the offering box. They also charge admission to enter.

Presumably they do not do that on Sundays?

There are whores and pimps all over 42nd Street in New York, and in Boston in the Combat Zone there. Used to that. Not to this.

Apparently I don't look at gravestones quite the same way as the Dutch Reformed Church does. It feels weird just to walk across the church floor, knowing that the remains of people's bodies are under your feet and their descendants are certainly walking around the City today, at least some of them. And then you go into this little chapel ....

So maybe my response tells me that I am simply this conservative prude?

Anna totally figures into all of this, too, but that's the next post.

It's the purpose of art, right? To shake you up?

Well, it worked.

I did not give them a fucking dime.

Not an unfucking one, either.


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Sep. 17th, 2008 09:26 pm (UTC)
I don't blame you. An art installation like that? In a church????

Although you do know, there are churches where most of the decorations are made out of human bones. Sounds (and looks!) completely grisly, but I guess during the Plague, they ran out of room to bury people. So they decorated churches with them instead. I'm sure the intent was to honor the people who died by including them in the actual church, and I am okay with that.

Not with what you described, though. Ugh. :(
Sep. 19th, 2008 09:33 am (UTC)
Human bones? Yikes! How are they preserved .... are they fossils?
Sep. 20th, 2008 04:38 am (UTC)
Read all about it here!
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