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16 September 2007

Exactly one year ago today.

The most important four adults in her family --- mom, dad, mother's parents --- said goodbye after they finished up the last little things to do to help her get settled into her room. And start her new college life.

This room.

A flurry of students and parents zooming around all here + there as the Class of 2011 got all installed.

And almost exactly seven months later they would all five meet to say goodbye again. On a cemetery hillside in Israel. For the last time.

That April time, it had taken a whole 'nother team of people to move her out. None of them related at all. All of them officers of one kind or another.

I'm very very aware of all this as the sun comes up today over Amsterdam. It's the same sun, of course, that climbs over her hill in Kfar Etzion. Both suns are making the shadows vanish. It's a matter of how you watch the light.

And, of course, how the Light watches you.

It had not been very long before 16 September 07 that she had been here too, here and near here.

Today I am going to Delft to push out my knowledge of what I know about Vermeer and how he handled light and what his vision was that is keeping his art alive for more than three centuries. And counting.

Anna left her personal vision of light for all of us, it's right there to caress you if you open your heart to her photography. Like any artist, some of her pieces speak more fluently than others. Of course. That's a big part of what you get to appreciate. And, of course, you cannot appreciate light very well unless you know what darkness is too. Intimately.

You are going with me and she is leading on the path.

This all makes up one of the most timeless classes I have ever taken. Centuries vanish, 21+ weeks vanish. And it's not even accurate to say I'm 'taking' it.

All of this is being brought to me.

Like: in four days I will be back in Palestine seeing some of my theatre kids again, they've invited me. Many are not really kids anymore now, some are headed off to college to work on their film art and theatre art.

With eyes just as bright and eager.

A perfect thread, a perfect tapestry.

Blessings Be.


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Sep. 16th, 2008 05:51 am (UTC)
I think I wrote my art history paper on Vermeer a couple of years ago... enjoy Delft.

Bittersweet post. Wish I knew Anna.
Sep. 17th, 2008 08:16 am (UTC)
Post on Delft coming up now. Stick with N and me long enough and you will get to meet Anna....
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