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(&$%#*&%(*^$% battierien part twee

So I go to the Canon store. The guy wants to sell me a Canon printer. I want a set of Canon Digital Rebel batteries. So the dude gives me an address where I can buy them.

Two hours later Brad finds out that ---- at that address the store no longer exists, it's moved a year ago, the building is now a clothing shop.

*&^^#(**^*&(&(#^^*&*(%%%%&#^%&%*^. In six languages.

So that blows my trip to Delft and some other stuff I wanted to do around here as well.

Now it's an hour after that and he finally has found this wondrous pro cam shop that has his batteries.

{see above paragraph about Delft.]

It is all a scheme by the airlines to make me take so much time away from what I''m here for, that I have to change my tix. For a lot of Euros / Dollars / Shekelim / money in 04270972370283 languages.


He finds a ski cap of sorts [which will look really funny in the Israeli deserts] which will be very warm if the North Sea wind keeps blowing. I wanted cold weather and boyOboy did I get it or what???

And the ski cap will prob look pretty funny here too. I will look like a dork but I will feel like a WARM dork.

Actually it is perfect for Estonia.

And in the ski cap store? FM radio. Mick Jagger is singing. ""It's Only Rock and Roll."" I turn it up. The clerky grrl does not care. She's on her cellphone to her boyfriend. She turns him up.

Life is good.

Except that the new bats cost 90 Euros. They are guaranteed for two years [do you believe everything you read?]

There will still be a hot time in Cambridge when I get back there with the OTHER batteries. Which lasted eight weeks tops.

Maybe if I take my new ones right out of the cam and pray over them all night they will last for Delft. Which is now moved to tomorrow.

I know what it is about this place. All the unrestrained energy flying around. The dude in the cam shop had blond spiky hair and he smiled at me a lot and when he gave me my bats and some change he caressed me on my ... shoulder. Actually both of them.

It's certainly a big hot change from girls wearing long black gowns and plastic explosive belts, and from surly bearded-faced religious men hiding scimitars and daggers under their loose white shirts.

Well, I'm here now, and ---
I know it's only rock n roll, but I love it, love it, yesssssssssI do!


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