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so I learned this Dutch word today. I like the sound of it. All prickly.

English = Irritability.

I was all prickled earlier this evening because here came this big full moon up over the roofs of Amsterdam and my cam was dead.

So I prickled loudly. And moped. And decided that my mood was for shit.

So plugged in the battery charger again. I have to do it twice because I can do only one of them at a time.

And Lo A Miracle.

They resurrected long enough for me to snap off four shots.

So I got all happy and unprickled.

In other news, my tummy has not liked all this rich LUSTy food it's been getting. All day it has been prikkelbaarheid with me.

So I decided to fast.

But I needed a bit of anesthetic too.

ONE bottle of Trappist Monk ale from Antwerp, 9.5% [WAY high by USA standards] and some kind of black wafery toast things and a bit of herbs mixed with cream cheese.

Now my tummy is unprickled too. [Maybe it's just numb?]

I stayed up most of the night last night on the computer talking with some of you. And drinking English tea. That was prob what did me in.

It was lukewarm non-Lesbian non-sex tea, too.

maybe the Trappist Monks have the solution to the Lesbian Sex problem.

Dunno about the Antwerpen, but these Amsterdammers sure do. I've never seen so many rainbow umbrellas and microskirts and suggestive posters [FAR from the RLD, let me tell you]...and here come these grrls arm in arm hand in hand fingers in ... // walking down the streets here, totally clutching one another. They even chain up their bikes tightly together. [Not usually while riding them.] Reminds me of all those IDF girls I .... met.

And nobody pays any attention. Except Brad.

See, he used to live in the Bible Belt. That was before he started having all these religious experiences in Europe and Israel.

Biblethumpers who don't know how to make L-tea? Excuse me?

Seems like a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago now. roflmao.

No wonder Anna pounded on all the biblethumpers. I mean verbally, of course.

I dunno about her tea. Her cups were always full.

And she made me wonderful hot wafery black toast, too. I could always get seconds from her. Like I do now.


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Sep. 14th, 2008 11:46 pm (UTC)
Is it sad if I got the lesbian tea thing without even looking at your icon? XD

But yay for batteries randomly deciding to work. Especially for the moon. Isn't it the harvest moon tonight? Hope you get the battery thing sorted out soon, though. I want to see lots of pictures.
Sep. 15th, 2008 12:36 am (UTC)
Sad?? Not at all!!! Tea might have crumpled up my tummy atm but lesbians, never XD3

Yep, Harvest Moon, but I usually link that phrase with CO or VT.

New batteries = cam shop tomorrow, 9 or 10.

And I love it that you are fiddling around with me instead of studying: it just chimed 2:30 AM here.

I have the USB feeder cable to link my cam to the host computer, mine with the dl software is in Boston [protection from the Israeli army lol]. Of course there are lots more copies of that software all over the world, so I need to find a friendly cam shop --- which I'm told can burn a CD of all 200+ images on my card, which is fine. Then I can stick the CD with jpeg images right into a server drive.

What still escapes me is how you actually put an image series directly into your LJ post. Yeah, I know it's simple, and I see you [and everybody] do it all the time, and you even design your personal layouts, because you're such an ace.

But it's so easy I don't understand it at all. Being a newbie lol. Anna only poked me to open my LJ 13 months ago *blushes deeply*. I'm just a baby at this.

waaaaah waaaaah.......
Sep. 15th, 2008 12:44 am (UTC)
Pfft... who needs studying. Well, tbh, I really do, but I can't be bothered with that right now.

So the put images in your post, here's what you do: First you need to upload images into your scrapbook (make a gallery, find the files, upload, label, and what-not). Then if you are posting in Rich text format (the default, I believe) there is this little icon with mountains and a moon. Click on that and choose the upload option, then click the choose imaage from gallery button. You can go from there and just click the picture and then okay. It might be easier to look this up in the FAQ section of LJ because I'm not that great at explaining things.
Sep. 15th, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
Who needs studying haha ... well I need sleeping atm! Scheduled to go off to Delft [about an hour by train] tomorrow, to visit Vermeer's house and find out all his secrets, like how he got in tight with Scarlett Johannson :P

He grew up in a hotel, too. I seem to be doing that for the past month. Imagine.

Besides being my LJ guide atm: you are delightful and precious.

Don't tell you that nearly enough. Especially not at three in the morning omg.

Icons with mountains and a moon? Sounds like another hiking trip with you *grins*

Yeah I think I stuuggled and flubbled around one time and got a single image into my scrapbook before getting distracted. Must go review that for the exam.....

I'm sure that once I get these here images onto some CD they will next all get avalanched into there in one big tumble. Such is the Force of LJ.
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