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#@&)#@$#&$@%@%# battieren !!

So my Digital Rebel is too much of a digital rebel.

This is the second weekend my batteries have died and made my camera into a flowerpot. The first weekend wiped out Haifa at night. Now it's the front of my hotel and other delights. The recharger brought the Breath of Life Voltage back into them for a few shots. Not last night. Now they won't hold a charge at all. Unlike the cam shop in Cambridgewhose credit charger works just fine, just fine.

You would think that putting 1200 Euros into a highly-precision instrument would guarantee that you have NOT wasted a lot more money on plane tix that take you to exotic places where you cannot take photographs.

But nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

The only Canon shop I can find in the City is closed yesterday and today. Of course.

Well I reflect on life bringing you lemons so you make lemonade.

Kiota never did very much that I wanted her to do either. Like the digital rebel she was too.

[In fact, Kiota did not do very much that SHE wanted to do as well, but that's another story.]

And it is a beautiful sunny morning and breakfast is waiting, which is ""free"" [comes with the room.] And I am totally connected to all of YOUUUU without batteries, and all those Euros, too.

So do those double quotation marks come for free. On this terminal if you type only one of them, it turns into an umlaut automatically. I usually do it twice and then erase one, fyi.

And all the best photos I have taken are not through fumbling with my cam at all. They are in my heart. Unlimited memory and no batteries required. Weighs a lot less, too. Most of them are of people. Special people. Everything else with photography comes with a price tag. Not this kind.

I think Ki is telling me, fuck the cam, you have a date where I went in the RLD. Stop flubbing around. Do you want them to think you are some kind of retarded tourist?


And besides, you know you will never get your Liefe with a cam. It's too dark in LUST and flash ruins the whole thing and when she slinks over to your table with her silky hands full of ..... well, nevermind.

Ki never runs out of battery energy either and she is a wonderful cam tutor. These days she gets me into lots of things and laughs loudly to see me wiggle.

The front desk suggests that there is an easy solution to the problem of creating major tantrum drama in Boston when I go back to the cam shop.

Don't go back.

Apply for political amnesty at the Dutch Embassy complaining that Bush has ruined your life and Davis Square in Cambridge has ruined your photo trip. Then you can paddle around the canals forever and all your problems will be solved. The government will give you a Dutch camera.

Are you kidding? Would I really do THAT?

Stay tuned ......

The Dutch coffee is hot and waiting.


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