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in which Brad sprints off to church

What? Brad darken the door of a church?

[If this were a Muslim church I couldn't have dressed like this, I would have had to cover my head and shoulders. For a truly religious experience. And I would have had to stop pumping and panting. {Hey, it's a 440-meter dash, right?}]

But this one is Het Westerkirk, the first permanent Christian church still left standing in Europe [if you know about the air wars in World War II, you'll know why.] It was started in 1613 and finished in 1631 and it is 270 feet high and 90 feet wide and has 36 huge windows, not one of them stained glass.

The reason it took them 18 years is easily understandable if you are curious enough to trudge up the stairs 270 feet into the bell tower [I wasn't.] the workers from the 1620's went up that distance carrying building stones. Which were not light. Talk about panting.

This place is hugehugeHUGE. There are two pipe organs, both original, both rebuilt and rebuilt. And they play Purcell, Bach, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, great things like that. The service was an hour but it was ten minutes of music and fifty minutes of flowers and sales pitches, in Dutch, they were selling a book about their organs. Step right this way.

Apparently whatever you don't know about Dutch organs they can tell you, or show you.

The tourist manual [in English] shows me that the red light district is only steps away, but I didn't get there today because I was fascinated with watching them play on their Dutch organs. And hearing the variety of sounds they can make for you, if you press the right keys and pull out all the stops. I am guessing that orgels in Dutch are like American orgs but I'm not sure ---- because about the only words in Dutch I know are Anne Frank Huis and PAY ["pay" seems to be an international language, everybody knows what that means.]

I don't think Anna R ever got to this church. {Only her local European friends can tell you for sure.} Anna F didn't either, since the two of them were non-observant Jews. But Anna F loved to go up into the attic with her boyfriend and cuddle bigtime and listen to the bells in the tower of this church, which they could see clearly from their hideout. She journaled all about it. Both of them journaled about their bf's, in fact. Remember?

Anna R told us about some different experiences she had with hers. Techniques have changed since 1944.

The hour bell up there weighs something like 16,000 pounds and we are talking eight tonnes and you don't wanna know how they got it up there 270 feet and four centuries before tower cranes. I would have set up a casting shop up there to begin with, but noooooo, it started out right on the ground.

And there is all this great stuff about Rembrandt.

Next post. I need to spritz so I can cool down after my dash and telling you about all these organs.


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