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Dear Kitty

Anna Frank started off almost all her entries to her diary that way. She made her diary into a playmate person. She would have been one hell of a LiveJournaler in her day, if there'd been the Internet and PC's.. Just as our Anna has been in ours.

I'm right next to the building where she wrote and rewrote her longhand diary, in hiding, for 2.5 years during 1942 - 44. Sitting in an internet cafe [of sorts] with two terminals and a coffee + pastry bar and beer too. Heaven.

The real heaven was when I got off the plane here from Frankfurt this morning and it was pouring down rain. What we call in Austin, a real gully-washer. First time all my trip I've seen any. I went out and danced in it.

This place is so beautiful after the army bayonets and rifles and all the desert and the conniving shopkeepers, and the disciples with their crooked haloes, and the HEAT. The canals here are beautiful, they run all through town in ese ring patterns, and I will be touristy enough to go take a cruise on one. They go all over the place.

For now I have to scoot over a couple of blocks and change currencies *again* , to Euros enough to pay for my hotel --- really three old houses rebuilt together as a bed + breakfast... I have this totally cute room on the top floor which overlooks a street with a big red sign hanging out in front of one of the little shops.

It says .... LUST.

Of course I would never go into a shop like that but it made for a cute picture from my high window looking down. Which I will post soonish.

My batteries died on my last night in Haifa, and my recharger was all the way across the country in Jerusalem, so all my night shots of the Temple Gardens are mental ones instead of digital ones.

But that's all fixed now.

Just in time for me to tell you about LUST.

Maybe it's the name of a Dutch newspaper or some kind of tourist guide?

There seem to be some numbers I can call, printed in the back of the newspaper. Funny thing. They are printed in red, too.


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Sep. 11th, 2008 07:27 pm (UTC)
I love the name... Lust. Brilliant. Of course you would find a place named lust... And stay in it! *giggle*
Sep. 12th, 2008 04:02 pm (UTC)
O Alicia I am just about to lose my LUST virginity. I'm going over there in twenty minutes. It seems that it is this expensive cafe' [they advertise "bargains" at 26.50 euros which is something like $32] but I don't know what that includes. [They explain it all in Dutch.] They have red wine.

ButButBut why would I stay anywhere named LUST without youuuuu? Oops I forgot about Chris there for a minute lol.

Actually the hotel also has all these guides to the Red Light District. It's only a few blocks from here. The City of Amsterdam Guide talks about something like a "Suck + Fuck Special" for 50 Euros, women in windows for rent [both the windows and the women], and there is this big tourist attraction which is a very outsized erect penis fountain [working] made out of marble.

Since this is a family journal I will be modest and refrain from more description. But I will go there [in DAYLIGHT] and report back. In the RLD there seem to be discounts at night and there also seem to be tourists who go there at night and are never seen again. Especially if they are alone. I seem to be fresh out of Israeli Army soldiers and Jerusalem Police with automatic pistols to protect me atm.

When Kiota visited down there she was with a whole group of friends who invented an exciting commercial game for her to play. [With the window people, not with them.] My impression is that she got all embarrassed [WHAT????] and went to hide behind the fountain.
Sep. 11th, 2008 10:23 pm (UTC)
*hugs, and just those, because I feel lousy today*

Glad you are enjoying yourself!
Sep. 12th, 2008 04:10 pm (UTC)
Sorry you are feeling lousy.

It is hard to stay on a sidewalk that is six bricks wide in the rain. And it's high in the middle and lower on both ends. The "street" isn't much wider and bikes, mopeds, vans, Ford Escorts, and construction trucks all fight over space at the same time.

So it's very cool if a construction truck just stops in the middle and unloads stuff. Then all the rest of the drivers holler and yell in five languages and I can saunter sweetly by because nobody but me can move!

Once I perfect my technique of walking on water I can use the canals. Except for the demented tour boat skippers who take on 36 people and describe the sights while figuring they are the only boat on the water.

But I *am* enjoying a whole bunch of rain a whole bunch of the time. After three weeks in the Israeli deserts you would too lol
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