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morning in the market

Last day in Jerusalem: up early, never beeen through the market this early [7:30.]

The market was once a narrow sidewalk between two lines of buildings [in America, "alley".] Then all these little shops were built facing out on each side of the "walkway". The area was roofed over and outfitted with army videocameras and glaring fluorescent lights. Which they turn off sometime before dawn.

The folks in the market at this time can't buy anything because the shopkeepers have all locked up their big iron doors and gone home. So who are there, are schoolchildren going off to 8AM class; big monster alley-washer trucks very narrow and very high, with their headlights on because you cannot see much at all.

The steps up to the internet cafe are very marble and look great and get you off the street.

I got there at almost the same time as big monster alley-washer and three schoolkids. They went up the steps and looked fearfully at alley-washer and a little at me, because here was this strange-looking WHITE OMG adult also coming onto the stairs. Nobody wants to meet alley-washer unless you are sitting up there and "driving" it and reading a comic book at the same time, and not looking where the hell you are going.

Body language, kids were Arabic. No chance for ESL lessons here, haha.

I gestured to the stairs and backed up to make more room.

BIG smiles, shy ones.

Alley-washer grumbled by [damn things are LOUD, too] and they scampered off safely.

I have no idea what imprints on the minds of these kids, what they will remember when they grow up, about trudging to school each morning in a black, stinky, slippery dark alley with vehicles six times taller than they are ... [but they know how to get of the way fast lol].

However, I know what will imprint on mine.


And PS the books will not be burning, like this icon. Hopefully *ideas* will burn and point out new directions for their lives ....

In fact: besides being my last day here before getting enfolded in the silver wings of Lufthansa toward Holland, I go back to school too this morning. Anna's school. Far from the smelly market. In her hometown, actually.

Where she did so well. Eventually.

I hope I've studied hard enough [translation: opened wide enough] to pass my test. Can't bring any notes. *Paper* notes, that is.

Just reminded myself of an article title about Bob Fosse [google him] : "Life As A Long Rehearsal".

Hope I pass the audition today. Wish me luck?


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Sep. 10th, 2008 06:09 am (UTC)
Luck!! :)
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