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of Sarrah and Fawath

No, this is not the two of them. For one thing, Fawath is only ten --- and for the other, Sarrah is married and a total Muslim and wears black all the time, right down to headdress and long black gloves. But she has a radiant smile, they both do, and they both are special in my real life right now.

Sarrah was born here but studied social work in England and lived in Australia for awhile. She is the sister of the Muslim family who runs the first hostel I stayed in and whose internet cafe connection I'm using right now. I told her a bit of the story of Anna and one of her remarks was "But she's just a baby!" and we talked quite a lot about mourning. I guess in a remote way she reminds me of Ki because most of our time at Evergreen she wore black and kept her head covered. Sometimes the same smile, too! Of course it was 45 degrees F at Evergreen and Ki is about as far from a practicing Muslim as one can get.

Anyway. Sarrah carries her own light and she warms me with it.

Fawath is one of the 90+ kids who saw the puppet show at the camp in Ramallah on Sunday. She was the only one of the 90 to stick around afterwards and help us strike [clean up the props and elec cables] and had a blast dancing around, drumming on the top of a paint can, slipping out of her sandals in a moment's notice to chase after and bat at any bigger boy who tried to tease her, --- *and she always came back*. Without being asked, she'd flit here and there, wind up cords, scour the floor, and we were totally charmed and gave her some things to do. She'd always come back for more and stare up at us expectantly with those big liquid bright eyes. She was totally absorbed when I "explained" to her how the oil pump worked in the bottom of the horse watering trough. She was immensely proud when Marie [one of the puppeteers] and I taught her how to manipulate them so she could make the chicken do a turkey dance, and the dragon wiggle and fly up in the air and open and close its jaws [the dragon is much longer than she is high.] But so what: she is pretty strong, also determined. The main problem was keeping its wings out of her own face. She put on a one-girl show for us. Her facial expressions were priceless. She invented this dragon-prance-dance....lmao

I asked her if she'd pose for a picture --- this was all in body language because of our English - Arabic barrier, but hey, this is theatre, no barrier at all there, she's totally in the family. The occasion was that she was carrying around a small prop from the Western skit, a critter skull, balanced on her head [the head-balance was *her* idea] and growling at boys and adults with it [Wha? No respect for the French Consul-General for Cultural Exchange?? What is this world coming to?] ....it was awesomely cute. But for her a photo is a formal thing so I coudn't get her to smile. I will post her for you when I get a good host computer, I bet I can find one in Haifa.

After the first couple of days here I was all WTF why am I in this hole and how quickly can I get out? But now it's totally different. Even THIS!!! ::

Yesterday at Yad Vashem there were about 60 IDF-ers marching around on an educational mission, I guess. Not a single weapon. *staggers around and falls down on a Shrub of David* Now that was a sight, let me tell you. Plenty of uniforms, shoulder tabs, silver badges --- but no ammo, intercoms, radios to call in air strikes, etc.

I thought I was dreaming. Besides that, it's the first day some police van has not tried to run over me.

Life is good. And I'm headed sea-ward. And Naatz-ward.

And there's actually a COOL breeze today. This morning, anyway.

Blessings Be.


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Sep. 2nd, 2008 06:35 am (UTC)
This post made me feel good. Thank you for that. *smiles*
Sep. 2nd, 2008 09:53 am (UTC)
I'm sure Fawath is sending you one of her big smiles. She'll perform for you, too. She does a mean dragon lol

After all, you and I are lots more important to her than the French Consuls. We just need them to drive us.

If I were Anna, we would be making plans right now to get her some French diplomatic immunity [or hide her under the back seat] so we could scoot her over to Colorado and we three + Sean could go hide in a Rocky Mountain cave somewhere and study the meaning of Life.

She has a lot to teach us, y'know ;P
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