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five things the Israelis do RIGHT

No, one of them is NOT this icon. Unless I go to Tel Aviv. Which is coming up *pantpant*

First is ... Lois. The great medical care she is getting. Teams of doctors: post-op surgeons, diabetic doctors, and CF specialists who are completely connected to her med history since age three. And they CARE, dammit, she's not just another piece of meat or a subject to write a med paper on for the journals.

Second: something called Cocoa Spread. It looks a little like chocolate icing and it comes in these little small packages and is so yummy I cannot resist stealing some from the Christians....oh, wait, it's the breakfast buffet at the hostel, which I pay for anyway so I lurve it. It's totally decadent and tasty.

Third: Cafe Hag. Up to now I thought a hag was an old unpleasant woman. Cafe Hag is a decaffienated coffee powder made in Israel that has the power of an automatic weapon, they do it with carbon dioxide or some such, and it is soooooooooooo good. El Al fed me some coffee that tasted like Iran's Revenge, it was so powerful, so I gave it to my 14-year-old seatmate, she lapped it up.

This Cafe Hag is courtesy of the Christians. I can get it 24 / 7. WOW.

Fourth: Yad Vashem. This is a big memorial park dedicated to the memory of the six million Jews lost in the Holocaust 1941-45, and its sculpture and layout are totally beautiful, it needs it's own post. I spent six + hours in the compound and was alternately thrilled and terrified [you're sposed to do it in three, I got lost on the grounds, it's easy.] It was like being abandoned and sucked down this pathway into this abyss of rocks and stones. Lots of them commemorated entire towns that are not there anymore. Their populations were sent up the smokestacks.

Fifth. The softer side of the IDF.

Brad goes into this yogurt bar in the Central Bus Station. On the other side of this glass wall here come these three soldier ladies, quite uniformed and beret'd, quite ponytailed, quite with the appetites. And very well armed.

They start feeding each other little bits of sandwiches and re-doing their hair, one by one. Helping each other with makeup. Then they were kinda like ... nuzzling? Never saw anything like this in any other army. Basic training? Honest, I'm not making this up.

They were on the other side of the glass wall because they weren't coming in to buy yogurt. They also weren't paying any attention to me, which was a good thing, because my yogurt was all dripping off my spoon.

Lest I be beguiled with rainbow romance, one of them suddenly jumped up and rotated her weapon on her hip, snapped off the safety, and boogied over to an empty stairway, in about half the time it takes to type this to tell you. YOW what a fast worker. Apparently a false alarm. She strolled back smiling at her playmates. So the moral of this story is that I now know what stairways to stay out of in the Bus Station.

And they all had these white-with-blue trim backpacks, too. Looked decidedly non-regulation. What could they have had in there? I was gonna scoot over to ask them but I was afraid at least one of them could speak English.

Besides I had every reason not to interrupt them.

I dunno why these IDF stalwarts wear their low pants with low-slung belts, either. Maybe they were getting ready to disco?

Well. War is hell.


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Aug. 29th, 2008 03:39 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that Lois is getting good care - and that you're having so much fun during your visit!
Aug. 30th, 2008 05:51 am (UTC)
Hm, dunno about the "so much fun" part, Ecumenical-Cat, but yes, that *is* there some of the time!!

The med care for her is continuous 24 / 7: just like the other kinds of care we all are sending to her and she is getting. Can't have one without the other.
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