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marketing in paradise

kk that's IT.

Enough local color for a lifetime.

Trying to get to the bus stop, here comes this van into the pedestrian area and damn near hits me and three other people. Apparently he wanted the sidewalk to get out of the way of oncoming traffic [which was two cars / trucks abreast, illegally.] So he drives right over it.

It was a police van. With no lights on, he just was joyriding.

Then in the market corridor there was this HORDE of people all pushing and shoving each other, getting nowhere of course, because there was no place to go unless you walked in half-babysteps. Horde is exactly the right word. In 96-degree heat. I've never been poked by so many strangers in my life. Elbows, arms, even heads [some around here are really tiny.] Women, older Palestinian women, are the worst, in fact. They just spear their way right through you unless you move into a space where there isn't any room to move.

Then here comes this 9-foot high pile of cartons from China mounted on a trolley and pushing along with everyone else. I was right in front of it. [I am not nine feet tall.] It kept pushing me. I lost it and whirled half-around and yelled at the little kid trying to steer the front of it : "Where the hell do you want me to go? You going to run over everybody?"

Big blank stare. He did not understand a word, being Arabic, but he sure got my mood. The guy on the other end just pushed harder.

I realized that this is how trampled-people panics start. Everybody unable to move other than babystepping. I felt immediately bad that I had yelled at him, I never yell at kids. And I felt immediately stupid that I had chosen this route to the bus....it's never been this congested.

Then, a little ways in front of me a big guy hit this teenager in the face. Hard.

Lucky for all of us he didn't return it. People mashed each other trying to get away from them. It was 100% Panic-Trample time and whoever fell down would just have their bodies stepped on by others. Without the benefits of buying a ticket for Madonna or Hannah Montana.

I don't need this shit, I really don't.

So I dumped my meeting with the IDF across the checkpoints to Bethlehem, trying to get to my theater school in the political refugee camp, and came back here to Saint Rafael's Internet Cafe. And got a Heineken. Will get another one. The Saint will understand.

Whenever I try to be courteous and get out of the way of people, they look at me like I'm demented. Then they elbow me. And yell at me in Arabic.

Eva has posted wonderful photos of when she went to [Australia?] and all that cool lake she was sculling on for CF, and I have all these cool thoughts of cool *underpopulated* Canada. Where she lives and sometime will do some theatre, maybe, and where her dad did this this wonderful fundraiser for CF -- a bike hillclimb. I know about that because of ... Lois, of course. She "introduced" us.

So I love me my Canada. And I also love the fact that Lois is alive and kicking, and that I was honored to be chosen to make a bridge to her for all of you, and that I found a copy of the Jerusalem Post at a news vendor that actually speaks English (don't faint, Brad), and that I scored three tubes of chocolate cookies for about two dollars US.

And, I got to go through all this market / trample / fistfight crap so I could tell another dear friend of mine what to avoid if she ever comes here ... telling her way ahead of time. And she will listen because she is that way. Special.

Life is good.

So is Canada.

And I'll call the theatre and tell them I'm taking a cab over there tomorrow.

This computer at the Saint's place tells me it's 5:45 AM and it's really 4:45 PM. The rhythm of the saints.

And Pachelbel's Canon in D has just started up on the house speakers. Kiota's favourite classical piece. Her wonderful long fingers.

Lots of threads and love with me at the moment. A pefect tapestry.

Blessings be.


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(Deleted comment)
Aug. 30th, 2008 05:09 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Mari, but I'm sure St. Pete has lots of ice and snow. At the moment [95 degrees F today] that thought trumps a lot of the madness!
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 30th, 2008 06:01 pm (UTC)
O Mari you are a 95 degree F virgin?? Who would have thought it....

I can hang in there with enough thoughts of Siberia / Estonia, and enough sponges for the sweat ...
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 5th, 2008 06:09 am (UTC)
Cold hands, very warm heart. I could really use your cold hands down here at the moment!!

Soyeah there is air conditioning here + there, but it's hardly the same as youuuuuu.

In your life, haven't you always wanted some dude to compare you to an air conditioner where you come out on top?
Aug. 30th, 2008 08:02 am (UTC)
Thanks. For all of it. *hugs*
Aug. 30th, 2008 05:11 pm (UTC)
Kinda funny here, Lady Meow.
For all of it, you're a big part of it.

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