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Sexual attack is the ultimate body violation.
The rape of a child is an intrusive, violent act that disrupts the integrity of the body and creates a very real and frightening sense of fragmentation and dis-integration.

If this is a violation of boundaries, cutting is a way of marking the body's boundaries, of proving what's inside and what's outside the body. SI may allow sexual attack victims to reclaim their bodies in the same way refusing to eat gives anorectics a feeling of control.

Also, through their visual body language of blood and scars, they can communicate much more directly and forcefully than they can speak [or post] in words.

There is even a name for this: TRS [Trauma Reenactment Syndrome]. Through SI, the abused child / teen survivor can recreate the event but also control the outcome this time, meting out pain in safe, measured, manageable doses. they can play the dual roles of both attacker and victim, then assume a third role of loving, protective caretaker --- sterilizing, bandaging their wounds, then watching them heal.

It's a re-enactment of unprocessed trauma ... as soon as her brain is able to talk about it and write about it and process the events little by little, she is no longer doomed to replay it, but can move slowly on beyond self-destruction into self-worth ....


from :Marilee Strong, >A Bright Red Scream< (c) 1987, 1996
also: Dusty Miller, >Women Who Hurt themselves -- A Book of Hope and Understanding< (c) 1994


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