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re-cueing the show

To re-cue is to repeat a lighting effect and change it, in the computer control board memory, for more impact on the stage.
You can do it in your life, too.

Back in April I remember posting that Rachel grew up in Olympia and died in Israel, and that Kiota grew up in Israel and died here. Rachel had been Evergreen '03 and Ki, Evergreen '11. Both walked the same paths to the same writing courses and sociology courses, and went downtown to work with the homeless. Rachel was just short of 23 and Ki, short of 19. Each had massive boyfriend troubles.

So the bridge yesterday was Ashley.

Ash is one of the coordinators of a huge mural project which is taking shape all up, down, and along the side of a five-story building downtown. It celebrates life. Among a lot of other things. The Corrie Foundation is co-sponsoring it. I am going to get to work on a small part of it. The central image is a large olive tree. Its leaves will be ceramic tiles designed by all parts of the community here and, through E-designs, by others around the world. I will create at least one tile, maybe more. They're setting that up now before I leave for Israel.

The book her family assembled from her writings / essays / Emails / sketches / after her death is "Let Me Stand Alone" and it's one of the two reasons I was here in April. I had talked for a long time with Cindy Corrie, her Mom, both downtown at Orca Books and at the Evergreen library event. Plus meeting Rachel's faculty advisers and kids who'd known her personally on campus.

And later this morning I meet Cindy again at the Foundation office, this time my role is completely different from your standard book buyer. Ash is setting that up too, in fact she did yesterday, when we were at the studio.

A lot of things have happened since April 8 and April 9. Well, maybe just *one* thing. But it feels like a whole lot.

Kiota should have a book too.

I had tried to get Ki to come to the libe event with me but she said she didn't want to miss class -- figure drawing, nude women models. Can't argue with that. But I tried anyway, telling her it wasn't about Rachel the dead activist but Rachel the living writer and artist. Ki dissed it as just another political meeting. Which it decidedly was not.

Anyway we hooked up afterwards, toward midnight, she got back online next to me and duked it out with certain abortion cretins on another site, not this one.

So all this is a small part of how the light at the start of the world is changing. Re-cueing the design. With a Little Help From My Friends.

I will never get to meet Kiota's mom, even though she's in America atm and next week I will be there. But I certainly realize the difference between more than five years of mourning and less than five months.

After Ash and yesterday, I am a whole lot happier about being back here now. And more comfortable, although that word does not quite fit.

Then again, haven't been up to school. Yet.

There's light for me to work on up there, too.


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