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GO you Fluffies!

I have a Friend who wrote me last night that her day job has to do with a news station, and so she's sometimes all discouraged at the torrent of bad news she has to manage.

Well, that sucks.

So I do not want her to be anything near discouraged. She's too lively and beautifuyl for that.

So here are the following, for my 74 friends [three of whom only write in Russian, lol]:

(1)Ever hear of the preteen rock group Fluffy Skulls? No? Never did I. Until last week, when their drummer, Grace Berger, decided to climb up on top of the chimney of her apt building in NY to get a better look. And fell into it, and down it 180 feet [~60m]. The Fire/Rescue guys expected to find a corpse, but li'l Grace had not hit a single thing on the sides of the chimney in her free fall and plunged into two feet of soot. She broke one hip but the rest of her is scared, but just fine. Especially her arms and drumming hands. She's all eager to get back to practice. Oh, yeah, she's 12. That helps a whole big lot.... Size matters. Age does too! How fast they heal ....

(2)Mary Helen Douglas of Gonzales, Texas, USA, yells "They're not little prisoners!" Her son is a senior in HS this fall and there's a new dress code: violators have to wear one-piece prison jumpsuits. Boys = no facial hair, no earrings, no tight clothes showing underwear lines. Girls = no spaghetti-strappy tanks, no miniskirts, ditto underwear lines. Astute critics say that all the School Board is going to do is to start a new fashion trend when ALL the kids violate the code bigtime --- so they can get their hands onto their new jumpsuit. And their hands ... umm ... into their SO's suits, I guess. See, they have these zippers ....

(3)Facebook shut down the account of a Vermont pol who's running for Gov.:: Facebook officials got suspicious when they saw he's added 1100 Friends in a very short time and figured he was a spammer. A political candidate as a spammer? Never happen ...

I wonder if the band is big on Fluffy and small on Skulls. Gotta ask Grace about that.

I saved the best for last.

(4)Here in Massachusetts, our Gov signed a law erasing a 1913 law. The law had said you couldn't travel here to get married if such wasn't legal in your home state. Now there's no residency requirement anymore for gay marriage --- like there isn't in California, Canada, and The Netherlands [or at least Amsterdam.] On Thursday the stampede starts. This will gladden the hearts of the hoteliers and ... uhm ... the Toy Shop proprietors. Who will have visions of rainbows and greenbacks dancing in their heads.

I dunno why I like this so much. In order for me to get married I have to get the approval of a certain Israeli/American student who adopted me last winter. [Yes, she did, and no, I'm not making this up.] So I certainly know what she thinks of multiple-partner relationships. I mean, one night is one thing, but years? I'd need to go into Olympic Training for stamina. Which, now that I think of it, might not be a bad idea. The health benefits and all.

And the next time my newsFriend goes off to her Toy Shop to do a story, I wanna come along and hold on tight to her and onto my .... camera.

What did you think I was gonna say?

After all, this is a family newspaper.


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