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never close the door

Never close the door because you never know who'll ask you to dance next.
I don't think I wanna dance with Michael Gates Gill.
He would not quite look like my partner here lol

But Mike is a living testament to Journals. Even like this LiveJournal collection of, what, 14-million of us?

Mike grew up with scads of money and his dad's friend gave him a job at JWT and for 25 years he earned lots more.

JWT would be the J Walter Thompson Advertising Agency, who has hundreds of millions USD in billings and offices all over the world. *pukes*

Then he gets fired, divorced, and diagnosed with a brain tumor.

He visits a Starbucks on Broadway where here comes Crystal and offers him a job. It's a job fair and he was so busy depressing and all moping into his latte that he didn't notice.

He's amazed that he's asked to swap his Brooks Brothers suit for a green apron.

So he does it and the light dawns.

The part I like second best is that he's now overjoyed at serving people instead of manipulating them. For the first time in his life. Those are his terms.

And he won't have to buy his own latte ever again for a long long time.

That's because of the part I like the first best:

Along the way someone suggested that he could struggle against his depression by starting to write a journal. So he did.

Eventually he got to enjoy re-reading it.

It's now being sold under the title "How Starbucks Saved My Life." At bookstores in Los Angeles, too.

The phone rings.

It's Tom.

Tom Hanks.

He wants to make the movie and star in it.

Now, of course Tom can buy Mike all the lattes Mike will want. Tom can buy Starbucks, too.

Lest you think It's All About The Franklins: (1)
Mike says that we should
[A] leap into the unknown, with our faith, which will carry us
[B] look with respect to and for ALL others whose lives touch ours
[C] listen with our hearts to seek what we REALLY want to do and who we really are.

The real heroine here is Crystal, of course. If there weren't so many Starbucks on Broadway I'd go find her and put laurels in her hair.


(1) - The US 100-dollar currency note has an engraving of Ben Franklin on it. The phrase is street lingo for that.


here's Mike on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBvW2Uuph9g

one-two-three-BACK, one-two-three-FORWARD, hold-her-hand, spin, spin....

{I forget what to do after the purr but she'll show me....}


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Aug. 3rd, 2008 11:32 pm (UTC)
I see now that hope is most definitely *not* finite :-)
Aug. 4th, 2008 02:17 am (UTC)
I suppose it's easy for me to say because compared to a lot of others', my life is really a lollipop, as I'm fond of saying. So I've never been really as sunk in despair as many. So, for me, desperation is what's finite......:)
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