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woof woof (no, really)

Catperson and catlover that I am, I can hardly realize I wanna post this dialog by Garry Trudeau.

And Princess Midnight over there is fixing me with her usual tightly-focused eye which says WHA??

Anyway this is mostly for one of my DogLover LJ Friends, and I think she will appreciate it.

Scene: Boy and Girl. B in front of laptop, G staring over B shoulder looking at screen.

B: Cute, huh?
G: Um ... we're thinking of getting a pet?
B: No, I'm thinking of starting a business: renting puppies to guys as chick magnets!
G: [rolls eyes, gives dark look like my icon]
B: Women can't resist stopping to pet 'em!
B: A puppy makes a guy seem nonthreatening and unafraid of commitment and responsibility.
B: I could make a killing renting them out by the day!
G: What happens to the puppies when they grow up?
B: Grow up?
G: Right. When they're no longer cute?
B: Uhm.
B: I'll release 'em back into the wild.
G: [walks away]
G: I like the responsibility part.


I mean, we're not talking about releasing grrls back into the wild, right?

If I ever tried that, she would search me out with her machete.
Or while driving her tracked vehicle at me. Or both.

I don't need a puppy as a "chick magnet", I guess.
I'm not enough of a magnet to meet crowds of "chicks".
Which, btw, is a >>> TOTALLY <<< offensive term. Just using it here a'la Mr. Trudeau.

In the USA awhile ago, one of our recruiting slogans was "An Army Of One."

So it's true that I don't meet a whole lot of powerful women at all.

Just the right Ones.

They are rare.

So am I.


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