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bustopher jones writ large

There is a character in "CATS" named Bustopher Jones. He looks like a penguin and he makes his entrance waddling down the aisles and he is sung about as a 'twenty-five pounder.' "Cats", of course, being the internationally famous musical based on TS Eliot. Who won a playwrighting award even though he didn't write the play and was looking down from heaven all the while.

What do you do if you run a shelter and find this giant pussycat placing her tender parts in your kitty litter pan while the rest of her splays out all over the place?

You call CNN, that's what.

This cute kid weighs 44 pounds [20 kg] and that's as much as a second / third-grade-student in the US. Her face is kinda normal but the rest of her looks like a toffee Titanic. She has Garfield's markings. And she's not afraid of portable TV cams placed on the floor and staring at her, because she's much bigger than them.

She's apparently a stray so she's up for adoption; she apparently hasn't expressed menu preferences yet, because whatever they put down for her needs to be a lot. It is delivered by tractor-trailer.

I imagine when she gets her purr motor going the walls will shake like a California earthquake. Which we have just also had, the other day.

I could probably afford to feed her for awhile but when she jumps in my lap I will need immediate pelvic bone reconstruction.

I would have to give her the house and go outside in the yard to live in the cathouse.

Wait, that doesn't sound right .....

Maybe I'll take her to Israel with me. She'll hiss at customs and I won't have any problem. I can hide behind her when the Intifada comes back again.

Come to think of it, maybe I'll get her to run for President of Israel. I see there's to be a vacancy. She would doubtless do a better job than Olmert and I would get diplomatic immunity and I bet I could get my own armoured Cat to drive, too. Pointed East.


Jul. 31st, 2008 08:58 pm (UTC)
Olmert is Prime Minister!

Our President is one Shim'on Peres. Nobody really knows what the President does.

Head of the Military is Gabbi Ashkenazi, and he's under the Minister for Defence Ehud Barak {ex Prime Minister}.

Aug. 1st, 2008 10:25 am (UTC)
O Neta thank you. I have to learn all this stuff so when I get there I can discuss international politics without sounding like a typical American dork. Just an atypical one.

Nobody knows what *our* Vice-President does, either. Except steal money and make gazillions from the Iraq war since it's all his civilian companies getting the reconstruction contracts. Sweet deal: our president blows up stuff over there and our vice-pres gets rich rebuilding it. So the pres can blow it up again ....

Your dude that I miss is Ariel Sharon. Don't know how he went down at home but over here his nick was "The Bulldozer" because he was as big as one; and, that time he went over to ... The Dome of the Rock? ... with half the IDF around him, to ... uhm ... worhsip? He got a big number of Palestinian panties all bunched in a wad and I thought that was amusing. Hey, it's his country, right?

And, of course, Moshe Dayan. YAY.


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