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kiota and Harvard

About 1.9 years ago our girl was doing a shotgun-application approach to a number of American colleges. Reed, Lewis + Clark, Williams, Emerson, Evergreen, and others. She talked about Harvard, but not sure if she followed through with it. Maybe their 93% rejection rate against 7% conditional acceptance was fairly daunting. As well as their pricetags.

[Actually, she'd love to go fight them on their rejection rate: appeals, all that stuff :P ]

I'm right at home with Harvard because one of my students did a medical internship here last year and I renewed my teaching / tutoring license down here at a Harvard testing center.

So there I am sitting at a cafe' in Harvard Square and on the broad sidewalk across from me is this sign:

"Free Candy for a QUICK Psychology Study for researchers at HARVARD !! " It's magic-markered in rainbow colors.

This reminds me of the time she draped a sign around herself that said "Honk If You're Lesbian!!"

That would never work at Harvard because the sound would be deafening.

Well, nothing is "QUICK" in psychology. Butbut ... candy?

Four freshmen / women at a table. Recruiting from sidewalkers. Excited to see me. I later found out that they had handed me the last one of their 300+ one-page questionnaires and they were sunburning and wanted to go home.

After all, it was Friday.

Only two questions: the first one was "Describe in a few words someone you have recently helped and tell what you did."

A few words? Tell what I did? Meeeeeeee???? [silence please, no applause.]

So I wrote up some stuff about Ki. And helping her at school. It was fun.

While she was hovering about talking to street musician-people.

I asked the 'testers' [who were folding up their table and loading me up with the rest of their Free Candy] how they had gotten to this place in their lives.

Apparently the grad student is now five years into his Ph.D. and never comes out, but hides in the lab and crunches numbers. He gives them lots of sunscreen and moral support. Not quite enough sunscreen. They're okay in the morning sun angle, but ....

And they'd met him through Emails.



I never meet anybody that way. lol.

So now Ki has gotten to Harvard Yard. Well, across the street from it. In a teeny tiny part of a doctoral psych study about moral agency. And the tuition went the other way, they "paid" me some free Kit Kats and Lindts and Ferro Rochers. {After all, this *is* Harvard.}

I'm almost through the candy *mopes*

Wonder if they'll be out again Monday? *brightens*

I thought of more stuff.


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Jul. 28th, 2008 04:53 am (UTC)
Your posts overwhelm me. Not in a bad way. You have such a creative way of looking at the world.

Enjoy the candy. :)
Jul. 28th, 2008 05:09 am (UTC)
Thanks, Jackie. I'm glad you're here too.

I did... *chomp* .... It's long gone. Maybe I'll find out they've resupplied for today!
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