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let's have a parade!

Although there were cops on cycles, full leathers, one a very happy female, it wasn't quite like Lois's in Israel.

Nobody got stabbed, for one thing. In any year. And, although Vermont was the first state in America to recognize Civil Unions between same-sex couples, we're now far behind both MA and CA who recognize full marriage as gender-blind. And there's still lots of prejudice here, too: smashing up walls of gay-support organizations, swastikas on synagogues, etc.

That's why my fave spectator was the girl who wears a Star of David tat on her left shoulder blade and carries a pussycat flag symbol just like this; her lover wore a tat that said "It's all about LOVE, baby!" As it certainly was.

There was the "Fountain of Youth" , five densely packed into a yellow jeep. Right behind them came two seventh-grader type girls, long ponytails and rainbow knee socks below microskirts, they got great cheers for being out and proud so young.

There was an Ally group, small, wish I'd known that beforehand, would have joined them!

Two political candidates [male]. Handing out buttons along the march. Their names were on the buttons, no colors. Two middle-aged women [guessing about age] dancing together wearing only six tiny flowers between them [no guessing at all about that, lol.] NBC news Roving CameraWomyn chasing them for the 5-o'clock news [fully clothed in techie gear.]

VERY small parade, only twenty minutes max. LOTS tinier than last year.

Not very many men, that was a bit sad. Lots on the sidelines cheering, though. Some Harley bikers going somewhat against the macho-hog image. They were smiling and waving rainbow flags. And leather straps in strange places, with chrome buckles and holes. Hmmm .. looks a little breezy for outerwear, wonder why Harley makes them?

VERY bright sunshine. Sun = ALL colors of the spectrum, yay.

Poot. My new camera is in Cambridge [Harvard Square, *that* Cambridge] till next week when I go get it. Well, there will be other parades!

Then I went off to the lake shores, to pick out a stone for Kiota. Because of what weekend this is.

Soooooo *that* journey starts. Or continues, actually...

Could be I'll get to teach somewhere in Israel, too. Like Jerusalem? ......Imagine.


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