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just remember the high

I love you Linnie, she said as smoke danced out of her mouth.
I love you too. OMG, Lu, I can't fucking believe this.
I don't know what to say, this is fucking amazing.

Lucy, can I wear one of your tank tops? I gotta have something that will let my body breathe.
Lynn, just stand right there, brb.
My heart was light as a feather.

Lucy came back into the bathroom with two tank tops, black, one for each of us. They were from Marks & Spencer in London. Soft and supple, I couldn't wait to get mine on my body. I ripped my sweater off, Lucy followed. Lucy's breasts were fucking amazing: round and perfect...her flesh was glowing like a star. I was staring at her like I was staring into the sun. And for once, I was looking at my own body as a friend, a beautiful extension of myself.

I wanted to rub my body against Lucy's and merge our souls, I wanted to mix with her like hot wax, melt, and come together. We were not saying much at that point, just communicating with moans and smiles...we put our lacy tanks on each other like we were about to stroll down the catwalk: I felt like a goddess, like the queen of fucking Sheba.

By the time we ran outside into the tiny courtyard it was already raining, I stood in the center and threw my head back, letting the rain coat my tongue ... and her hug was long and tight, it felt like warm honey drizzled all over my body. I didn't know anything in life could be like this ...my arms turned into wings, and I spread them out like I was about to take flight; this was the stuff of dreams.

Later on I was wired and exhausted at the same time; I waited for my eyes to drop and my body to stop twitching, to just let go. Lucy pulled out her futon and made our bed. No matter how high she was, she always found clean pretty sheets. We crawled under the covers and she curled into my feathers while I stared at the shadows on the ceiling ...


from :Lynn M Smith, "Rolling Away" (2005)


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