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very young girls 2: Rachel's words

That's a terrifyingly sarcastic icon, for the 13-to-16 year-old girls who are forced to wear these, real and metaphoric....... It's not playing at all, they're locked in until someone breaks them free ... and that someone is themselves, they just need to find the key. Or use it when it's handed to them.

The film was heartbreaking. About 1/4 of the way through, a girl sitting next to me in my row scurried away: too raw to watch any longer.

Before the curve of the film started rising, one of the anonymous girls talked about how everybody in her "family" was better off than she: her pimp was keeping all her money [and her ID cards too, so she felt discouraged and trapped]; her johns were happy to do whatever they wanted to do to her, including in one case beating her and fucking her and throwing her out of a car [it was moving]; her natural family [frequently only a mother] was happy to be rid of her; and nobody needed to spend any energy on how she felt about it because nobody cared anything about a loser, a worthless fuckup like her, who didn't deserve to live.

Quiet, desperate depression in every word.

I don't want to go into any detail here about how much of this -- and to what extent -- is related to Kiota's own life, out of respect to her memory: many of you know lots more about that than I do anyway. One reason, of course, was because some of you were right there either IRL or online [or sometimes both] when what happened to her was happening.

Rachel Lloyd was a beautiful column of light to talk with after the film. I told her a bit about Kiota, anonymously, and she said "I'm so sorry for your loss", and she took my hand in hers, and I felt all of you right there with me in that moment ----- because it's a loss we all share and Rachel's words were meant for all of us who loved her and still do.

Right now Rachel has one girl, Ebony, who's in a lot of the film and whose life is at risk and may even be dead now as I write. And it's Ebony's choice to continue her life of self-destruction even though she fully knows the alternative of loving, positive support, and even lived that life for awhile. Hmmmmm ......

GEMS has just been given enough money to buy a permanent house in New York for more dorm space and education / training. Gradually they've been getting funding from Federal, State, and local sources. To the extent that my tax money goes to support this, I'm very happy about it.

You can read more about Rachel on the 'staff' tab at http://www.gems-girls.org

The whole project, including this film, is part of her own healing ... and when you read about her life you will see much of Kiota there too.

Rachel has gone to the Philippines to work with children there also. And that is not very far from a certain orphanage in Cambodia. Which Silver is soon going to at least be visiting ....

The great thing about the two pimps who filmed so much actual footage of the girls they were kidnapping and torturing was --- it was introduced as evidence at their trials and used to get them ten-year prison sentences. Since they expected to make a lot of money and become famous on Reality TV, they had filmed full-face shots of themselves. Repeatedly.

VeryveryVERY sick, but very helpful to the state prosecutors too.

The film is going to be shown on the Showtime Network here in the USA this fall and might be picked up by CBS International early in 2009.

Please make a point to see it. I think it will hurt and it will heal at the same time. But it's full of triggers and it's not at all an easy thing to view.

But there is a deep hopefulness at the end of it also...and celebrations of moving forward.
....and in my world, at least, that's what lasts.


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Jul. 6th, 2008 04:12 pm (UTC)
Ten years? That's all?
Jul. 6th, 2008 08:11 pm (UTC)
Yeah, THAT's the real crime, isn't it: how these monsters can get off that easily with plea bargains and lesser sentences and manipulating the legal system just as easily as they manipulate their little girls. Makes me want to puke.

And even puke more, because what they are going to learn in prison [prob they'll only actually be there for five or six, time off for good behavior and all that] -- is how to do it better next time, from prison pimps who have lesser sentences that they do; so then they can escape even more easily, no matter how many girls they've destroyed by then.

Makes me wanna get totally out of the city and go back to CO and learn to track snowshoe hares. Live ones that are taking off for Cancun or Cozumel ... :)
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